Boost Twitter Followers & Engagement -A simple way

Boost Twitter Followers & Engagement -A simple way

Twitter and Instagram work on an Engage-for-Engage model., If you follow someone, they will probably follow you back. It’s the simple scratching-each-others-backs way of marketing.

In this hack, We will favourite tweets for specific keywords and when the recipients see our ‘favorite’ notification, a percentage of them will engage back with our account.

But the hack is in choosing the right people to engage with and using automation to scale of the workflow. For the automation, We will use a javascript to auto favourite the tweets on a specific page.


Step 1: Search a hashtag or a keyword from your domain.

Step 2: Right Click on the browser and click on inspect. Go to the console tab and paste the following javascript code and click enter.

var inputs = document.getElementsByClassName(‘HeartAnimation’);
for(var i=0; i<inputs.length;i++)

Step 3: Now keep scrolling, it will keep favouriting until there is a bug.


This gives you visibility, people start noticing you in their notifications, eventually could follow or engage. It helps you with your branding. Do not overdo this, run this hack once a week.

Stop immediately if you get a warning from Twitter else you will risk your account being suspended.

Get Unlimited Leads from LinkedIn for Free

Get Unlimited Leads from LinkedIn for Free

Marketers go big on lead generation through LinkedIn… And there’s a good reason why!

LinkedIn is the way to go for business networking and finding the right people. The usual workflow marketers aim for is to connect and acquire email IDs.

This could be done ‘the marketing way’ by writing a series of messages or ego-boost-for-ego-boost strategies. However, I will share this hack with you which I’ve been using to extract email IDs and scrape LinkedIn for Email IDs.

I will share with you a magic Keyword to scrape Email IDs from LinkedIn. This single magic keyword will help you generate an UNLIMITED number of targeted leads from LinkedIn! The Magic Keyword is in the steps below.


Step 1: Go to LinkedIn and Login.

Step 2: Search for the “Email ID below” and click on the tab for Content. This is going to give you a huge database of Email IDs for a specific purpose.

Step 3: Check the posts and you will find emails in the comments.  People on LinkedIn generally tend to give their email ID easily than Facebook.

Step 4: To make this more specific for your domain, search for the “Email ID below” AND “your domain-specific keyword”. You will have Posts about your domain and a huge list of Email IDs in the comment.

Step 5: Now to scrape Email IDs in bulk go to

Step 6: Copy the text from the LinkedIn Search Page and paste it in the tool, and it gives you all the Email IDs in a .CSV file. Or you can also click on the Web page Tab and put the URL of your search result. And there, you have your unlimited leads ready from LinkedIn. The magic is in the search string!

The magic is in the search string!

Link building hack using 404 pages

Link building hack using 404 pages

Errors pages on the website are a nightmare and a headache. But let’s take an unusual exercise and doubt the default by using someone else’s 404 error pages to our advantage.

A 404 error is often returned when pages have been moved or deleted. As a growth hacker, this should sound like a gold mine to you already! A simple way to build high quality, organic and relevant backlinks, is by using other people’s 404 error pages (OP404s).

Let’s create something from nothing. We are going to take pages which don’t exist and convert them into traffic driving sources for our websites. 


Step 1: Search for a simple keyword relevant to your domain. For example, Let’s say I have an online marketing tool to sell. So I will search for “Online Marketing Tools”.

Step 2: Now go on any link in the SERP and look for outgoing links which have 404 error. No, you don’t have to go and check every link in that article, we have a secret weapon for that! For now, just copy the URL of the article.

Step 3: Go to and copy the link in the box. This tool will check every link in the article and will show you the links which have 404 response. That’s your opportunity amongst the chaos. 

Step 4: Now send an email to the editor of the article and notify them about the error page and ask them to check out your products or services which can be replaced in place of 404 error pages. No one wants a 404 error page in their content and you have helped them to get rid of it, so the chances of your links getting accepted are usually high.


Here is the template that you can send to the editor of the page. “ Hi [Name], I was doing some research on Digital Marketing Tools when I came across your website. Love your work! I couldn’t help but notice a broken link on your page: (Link) Just thought you would like to know!

Also, we recently launched this really useful Marketing tool. It might make a nice addition to your page. What do you think? Keep up the amazing work!

How to corrupt other people's Google Analytics Data

How to corrupt other people’s Google Analytics Data

This is unethical and I really don’t want you to use this anytime. But there are times when someone is doing wrong to you and ain’t coming to the senses.

Sometimes, in life, you just have to fight back! This hack is when needing vengeance. You can attack the most important thing and that is Analytics Data.

I do not recommend using it though. Blood-for-blood is never the best strategy.


Step 1: Go to, type in your targeted website, see what technology does that website use to track traffic to their website. In most cases, it will be Google Analytics.

Step 2: Go to the ‘Relationship Profile’ tab and here you will see all tracking IDs that this website uses. Copy the Google Analytics ID which is something like UA – xxxxxxx… This ID is all you need to mess up with someone’s analytics data.

Step 3: Pick a dummy website from your Analytics account or a dummy analytics account. Do not use your primary website.

Step 4: Go to your dummy website’s Google Analytics (GA) account, go to tracking info and click on tracking code, now go to the global Site tracking section, you will find your Google Analytics code. Copy that Code.

Step 5: In the code, replace your dummy website’s GA ID with the target website GA ID and paste this code in the script of your website. The GA data for the target website will be corrupted.


Please don’t do this to your competitors or anyone else for that matter. The reason I am teaching you this is that you should adopt the mindset of growth by looking at tools in a very different way.

Both BuiltWith and Google Analytics are used in a specific way, but to find successful growth experiments you will need to think beyond the normal applications of the tools.

CASE No, I don’t have a Case study on this, and wouldn’t even want one!

Boost Twitter Followers & Engagement -A simple way

Generate Highly-Relevant Leads using Twitter Search

Twitter is good for a lot more than you think. Just with Twitter, you can generate an unlimited lead funnel and fill it every week for your product or service.

So, let’s get unlimited relevant leads for your business using Twitter search.


Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Perform a Boolean search, for “Prefix keyword” AND “service/product keyword”. Ex. For a B2B business who designs websites, search for something like this “Looking for” AND “website”.

Step 3: Check the result page and you will have tweets from people who are looking for services which you provide, interact with them and close your deal.

The important aspect of this is that the user or the company is looking for your services and not you pitching them, that’s a different transaction. The target customer already needs your service and is sold so the chances of conversion are really high.


You can also do this if you are a B2C company. ex. If you’re a t-shirt design or custom printing company, try “Looking for” AND “tshirt”. You can also replace “Looking for” with “Need a”.

The hack is that you need to understand what people tweet when they are looking for or need specific services/products in your industry. Now do this every week and you will have a new lead funnel setup for you.

A boolean search is a type of search which allows users to combine keywords with operators (or modifiers) such as AND, NOT and OR to further produce more refined and relevant results.

Turn your blog into a Lead Generation Machine with Side Projects

Turn your blog into a Lead Generation Machine with Side Projects

Everyone writes blogs and all your competitors are already doing it. And it’s boring

Let’s discuss what you should be doing instead of just writing blogs and generate leads. And don’t get me wrong. I love content marketing. It is great. But it takes huge amounts of effort and time to eventually start getting real results you need.

And for startups, that’s a rare resource: TIME.

Instead, we should use the limited time we have in driving our funnel and pushing it forward. By building a small side project which solves a problem for your target audience and gives it for free and generate leads from it. My studies have shown Side Project marketing getting a 100x ROI compared to blogs which means a single side project has the power-packed potential of 100 blog posts.

Pretty much anything can become a side project. It doesn’t have to be conventional, expensive, or mind-blowing, it just has to be something that really solves a specific problem for your audience. Side projects can be small tools, courses, calculators, curated directories, quizzes, generators, graders or communities. We can design these side projects in a matter of a few minutes. Let’s see how!


So let’s say you want to teach people how to create Buyer Persona, you can write a blog post and have steps to create a Buyer Persona or you can create a tool something like “Make my Persona” by Hubspot. (, wherein the user enters the details of their information and you give them the buyer persona they need.

This is perceived as high value and you also get, 100% conversion on leads as with the blog you can have CTA or link but here you are getting the lead information for the user to generate the buyer’s persona. And this is very easy to make.

Step 1: Find a specific problem faced by your target Audience, look if you can solve it easily by taking information from them and then adding your bits and giving a valuable result.

Step 2: Now go to and Log in.

Step 3: Pick up any questionnaire template and put your questions.

Step 4: Embed the form on your page, and setup Email triggers or you can also display the results directly after the user inputs their information.


I am not saying stop blogging, it works but startups really don’t have that much time to wait for results, so instead of just blogging, create a side project. Side projects are the new marketing channels for you.

But you don’t want to invest a lot of time in Marketing this side project as you want to focus on Marketing the main product. Following is the success formulae for marketing my side-projects, which I use.

Side Project Success Formulae:

Create a side project + use Typeform Tools + Product Hunt Launch + Twitter Influencers + Email Drip Campaigns + Soft Sell

Once I make the side project, I launch it on Product Hunt. I make sure that I am targeting Twitter Influencers, who can launch it for me as I am going to hack into their networks. As whenever an Influencer launches your product, their followers also get a message with a link to your product. Then I put all these people who sign up for this side project in an email drip campaign.

These people start getting my emails. Typically my drip Email Campaign looks like this.

Email One and two are free value. Email three is a soft sell. Email Four and Five is again free value. Email Six and Seven are follow-ups. (Use the hack in Chapter 20 to get more out of your Product Hunt launch)


Crew (an online marketplace for mobile/web creators), created Unsplash as a side project to attract customers to their main business. They listed free HD quality photos, shared the link on Hacker Noon and some more organic Marketing.

All this costs them roughly 20$ and a couple of hours of their time and the results were 50,000 site visits on the same day. The more valuable metric is, Unsplash is the number one traffic source for Crew and has given around 5 Million unique visitors. That’s how big side projects can be.

[Case Study Source: CrazyEgg]

Generate unlimited blog ideas and Q&A discussion topics

Generate unlimited blog ideas and Q&A discussion topics

This hack will teach you how to generate unlimited blog ideas. I’ve written about another tool to do this in this book and I’m writing two chapters on this topic as it is a big need.

You need an endless supply of ideas for blogs at all times! The good thing about this tool is that you can generate ideas based on Q&A topics


Step 1: Go to and enter the topic. Select the location too.

Step 2:  Now you will have a lot of ideas on the topics that you want. (No harm in taking the premium version of this tool as well – it’s worth it!) Select one and write content around it.


Once you have input your topic, the tool divides it into sub-keywords and then lists it in grid formats with ideas for each sub-keyword.

One section of the results page will have blog topics based on questions and further the questions are divided into different types such as

What, How, Is, Why , Where. Now how do you use these questions? Question is amazing way to write blogs on or make videos on.

You can pick up questions which are ‘what’ and ‘How’ and create a two-minute video on them, as they can be answered easily. ‘Is’ and ‘Why’ are a more strategic question, which needs longer answers so you can make longer videos to answer them.

Make a perfect landing page (+3 hacks) 1 Boost Content Engagement by 60 using 10 minute video creation publishing

Make a perfect landing page (+3 hacks)

In a startup, if there is anything that saves your time and money, go ahead and do that! In the old blog, we have saved your money and time in optimizing your Facebook Ads and now it’s time for those Landing Pages.

The Process is simple: First, get an idea of what kind of landing page you need to build. second is the checklist to make sure if your Landing page is highly optimized and high performing. Third, analyze if what you did in the first and second part is correct or not, using a Landing Page Analyzer.


Step 1: Go to

Step 2: This is the collection of best Landing Page examples which have converted well. Go through all the Ads and just pick a few from your industry. Understand what exactly is working for them and make a note of the lessons from these Ads.

Step 3: Go to

Step 4: This is a Checklist of the best practices for Landing Pages. Make sure that you follow the checklist when designing a landing page.

Step 5: Design your landing page considering the notes from Step 2 and 4.

Step 6: It’s time to analyze your newly made landing page. Go to

Step 7: Submit your URL and fill the required details. You will get an in-depth report of your landing page. If needed, make changes to your landing page.


Once you have an optimized landing page, you don’t have to worry about your landing page is converting or not.

As now you know you have followed all the best practices and now you can focus on A/B testing your Ads and spend more time and energy in there.

There might be cases of tweaking your landing page but the basics and foundation will be absolutely correct. The reason I am so confident about the process is that all the resources and tools in the chapter come from the best in class in what they do – InstaPage, Hubspot and Unbounce.

The idea of this hack is to pre-optimise your landing page with best practices even before you start your campaign.

Generate Leads from 1.4 Million Websites

Generate Leads from 1.4 Million Websites

For free bulk lead generation, I have suggested you use, but it has a free use limit and you will hit it someday.

So we are going to discuss an alternative to That tool is, it is a side-project by You probably must have used for finding email IDs but this is a side tool which can help you find websites in your industry.

Similarly to BuiltWith, you can search websites using a specific technology, say WordPress, and further filter by industry too.


Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Type the technology you are looking for, then click on the ‘Create my list’ button.

Step 3: You can add more technologies, select language, industry. Fill in your Name and Email ID. You will have a .CSV file with the names of websites matching your search.


One of the applications of this list is that you can go on and find email IDs of employees of these companies and start your drip campaigns on them. This tool has a database of 1.4 Million websites, which is a huge number.

How to generate new blogs topic quickly without thinking too much

How to generate new blogs topic quickly without thinking too much

Even the best of us need inspiration from time to time, especially when it comes to writing new blogs & finding blog topics.

So here’s a tool you need when you have the blogger’s block.


Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Insert three nouns around which you want to write about. Ex. growth marketing automation

Here is the result by the tool,

“14 common misconceptions about growth”

“5 tools everyone in the automation Industry should be using”

“The worst advice we have ever heard about marketing”.

Step 3: Now you can combine a few of your ideas, keywords and the topics from this tool and write about them. Now you will never run out of blog topic ideas


Using this method, you can generate new blog topics in less than two minutes. The hack is that you don’t have to put more time in generating ideas instead put your time writing great content.