Get Unlimited Leads from LinkedIn for Free

Get Unlimited Leads from LinkedIn for Free

Marketers go big on lead generation through LinkedIn… And there’s a good reason why!

LinkedIn is the way to go for business networking and finding the right people. The usual workflow marketers aim for is to connect and acquire email IDs.

This could be done ‘the marketing way’ by writing a series of messages or ego-boost-for-ego-boost strategies. However, I will share this hack with you which I’ve been using to extract email IDs and scrape LinkedIn for Email IDs.

I will share with you a magic Keyword to scrape Email IDs from LinkedIn. This single magic keyword will help you generate an UNLIMITED number of targeted leads from LinkedIn! The Magic Keyword is in the steps below.


Step 1: Go to LinkedIn and Login.

Step 2: Search for the “Email ID below” and click on the tab for Content. This is going to give you a huge database of Email IDs for a specific purpose.

Step 3: Check the posts and you will find emails in the comments.  People on LinkedIn generally tend to give their email ID easily than Facebook.

Step 4: To make this more specific for your domain, search for the “Email ID below” AND “your domain-specific keyword”. You will have Posts about your domain and a huge list of Email IDs in the comment.

Step 5: Now to scrape Email IDs in bulk go to

Step 6: Copy the text from the LinkedIn Search Page and paste it in the tool, and it gives you all the Email IDs in a .CSV file. Or you can also click on the Web page Tab and put the URL of your search result. And there, you have your unlimited leads ready from LinkedIn. The magic is in the search string!

The magic is in the search string!

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