How to corrupt other people's Google Analytics Data

How to corrupt other people’s Google Analytics Data

This is unethical and I really don’t want you to use this anytime. But there are times when someone is doing wrong to you and ain’t coming to the senses.

Sometimes, in life, you just have to fight back! This hack is when needing vengeance. You can attack the most important thing and that is Analytics Data.

I do not recommend using it though. Blood-for-blood is never the best strategy.


Step 1: Go to, type in your targeted website, see what technology does that website use to track traffic to their website. In most cases, it will be Google Analytics.

Step 2: Go to the ‘Relationship Profile’ tab and here you will see all tracking IDs that this website uses. Copy the Google Analytics ID which is something like UA – xxxxxxx… This ID is all you need to mess up with someone’s analytics data.

Step 3: Pick a dummy website from your Analytics account or a dummy analytics account. Do not use your primary website.

Step 4: Go to your dummy website’s Google Analytics (GA) account, go to tracking info and click on tracking code, now go to the global Site tracking section, you will find your Google Analytics code. Copy that Code.

Step 5: In the code, replace your dummy website’s GA ID with the target website GA ID and paste this code in the script of your website. The GA data for the target website will be corrupted.


Please don’t do this to your competitors or anyone else for that matter. The reason I am teaching you this is that you should adopt the mindset of growth by looking at tools in a very different way.

Both BuiltWith and Google Analytics are used in a specific way, but to find successful growth experiments you will need to think beyond the normal applications of the tools.

CASE No, I don’t have a Case study on this, and wouldn’t even want one!

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