Link building hack using 404 pages

Link building hack using 404 pages

Errors pages on the website are a nightmare and a headache. But let’s take an unusual exercise and doubt the default by using someone else’s 404 error pages to our advantage.

A 404 error is often returned when pages have been moved or deleted. As a growth hacker, this should sound like a gold mine to you already! A simple way to build high quality, organic and relevant backlinks, is by using other people’s 404 error pages (OP404s).

Let’s create something from nothing. We are going to take pages which don’t exist and convert them into traffic driving sources for our websites. 


Step 1: Search for a simple keyword relevant to your domain. For example, Let’s say I have an online marketing tool to sell. So I will search for “Online Marketing Tools”.

Step 2: Now go on any link in the SERP and look for outgoing links which have 404 error. No, you don’t have to go and check every link in that article, we have a secret weapon for that! For now, just copy the URL of the article.

Step 3: Go to and copy the link in the box. This tool will check every link in the article and will show you the links which have 404 response. That’s your opportunity amongst the chaos. 

Step 4: Now send an email to the editor of the article and notify them about the error page and ask them to check out your products or services which can be replaced in place of 404 error pages. No one wants a 404 error page in their content and you have helped them to get rid of it, so the chances of your links getting accepted are usually high.


Here is the template that you can send to the editor of the page. “ Hi [Name], I was doing some research on Digital Marketing Tools when I came across your website. Love your work! I couldn’t help but notice a broken link on your page: (Link) Just thought you would like to know!

Also, we recently launched this really useful Marketing tool. It might make a nice addition to your page. What do you think? Keep up the amazing work!

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