Generate unlimited blog ideas and Q&A discussion topics

Generate unlimited blog ideas and Q&A discussion topics

This hack will teach you how to generate unlimited blog ideas. I’ve written about another tool to do this in this book and I’m writing two chapters on this topic as it is a big need.

You need an endless supply of ideas for blogs at all times! The good thing about this tool is that you can generate ideas based on Q&A topics


Step 1: Go to and enter the topic. Select the location too.

Step 2:  Now you will have a lot of ideas on the topics that you want. (No harm in taking the premium version of this tool as well – it’s worth it!) Select one and write content around it.


Once you have input your topic, the tool divides it into sub-keywords and then lists it in grid formats with ideas for each sub-keyword.

One section of the results page will have blog topics based on questions and further the questions are divided into different types such as

What, How, Is, Why , Where. Now how do you use these questions? Question is amazing way to write blogs on or make videos on.

You can pick up questions which are ‘what’ and ‘How’ and create a two-minute video on them, as they can be answered easily. ‘Is’ and ‘Why’ are a more strategic question, which needs longer answers so you can make longer videos to answer them.

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