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POP Club Referral code for 20000 Coins on New Credit Card

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It’s India’s first multi-brand co-brand credit card. You earn 10 POPcoins on EVERY online transaction (1 POPcoin = ₹1*). It’s a Rupay card which means Credit on UPI with 2x Rewards.

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The Pop Club Credit Card and UPI. Use POP Club Referral code POPW7NMCLZ gives you 2% cashback and 20000 coins on app while applying for new cards gives you 1000 Coins and 20000 coins using referrals. Get the Unlimited Cashback Credit Card and UPI App using Rupay.

Meet the Pop Club Credit Card, designed to reward you generously for your everyday spending. Whether you’re shopping online or filling up your gas tank, this card ensures you get the best bang for your buck. Let’s dive into why the Pop Club Credit Card is a game-changer.

POP UPI Cashback and Discounts

With the Pop Club Credit Card, you can earn between Rs 15 to Rs 30 cashback on your purchases, which is much more than the usual Rs 2 to Rs 15 offered by other cards. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Welcome Benefit: Get a huge welcome bonus of Rs 5,000 just for activating your card.
  • Pop Coins: Earn 15 Pop Coins for every Rs 1 you spend. Each Pop Coin is worth Rs 1, making it easy to rack up rewards quickly.
  • No Joining Fee: There’s no fee to get started with this card.
  • 2x Reward Points: If you join the waitlist, you’ll earn double the points for the first three months. That’s 20 Pop Coins for every Rs 1 spent online and 4 Pop Coins for every Rs 1 spent offline.

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Exclusive Partner Discounts

The Pop Club Credit Card partners with top brands like Blinkit, Cleartrip, Rapido, and more, offering unlimited discounts every time you shop.

Extra Perks

  • Free Deliveries: Enjoy five free deliveries from Blinkit.
  • Cleartrip Vouchers: Get Rs 50 Cleartrip vouchers for five deliveries.
  • Formeazy Plus Membership: Receive a free six-month Formeazy Plus membership.
  • Free Rides: Enjoy one free ride per month with Rapido, potentially saving a lot on your commute.
  • Fuel Surcharge Waiver: Save on fuel with a surcharge waiver at BPCL fuel stations.
  • Milestone Benefits: Spend Rs 1 lakh in a year and earn 1,500 more Pop Coins.

How to Join the Waitlist

It’s easy to join the waitlist and start earning rewards right away:

  1. Click the Waitlist Link: Use the link https://waitlist.popclub.co.in/?ref=POPW7NMCLZ
  2. Enter your Details: Fill in your mobile number and other required information.
  3. Use Referral Code: Enter our POP Club Referral code POPW7NMCLZ
  4. Verify with OTP: Enter the OTP sent to your phone to complete registration and earn 1000 coins.
  5. Refer Friends: Earn 1,000 Pop Coins for each friend who joins the waitlist using referral code, up to a maximum of 10,000 Pop Coins.
popclub referral code
Popclub referral code

By joining the waitlist, you’ll be among the first to get the card and start enjoying double rewards as soon as it’s launched.

POP UPI App for 2% Cashback

POP, the coolest app for making payments and shopping. Unlike those old-school platforms, POP is all about what we, the new generation, need and love. It’s the perfect app for anyone who wants to shop smart and earn awesome rewards.

What Are POPcoins?

POPcoins are the heart of this app. Every time you make a payment, whether you’re swiping your card, scanning a QR code, or clicking to pay online, you earn POPcoins. And here’s the best part: 1 POPcoin = ₹1! No more trying to figure out complicated points systems. It’s simple, straightforward, and super rewarding.

POP UPI: Instant Rewards for Every Payment

Forget about those random, luck-based rewards. With POP UPI, you get 2% POPcoins back every time you pay. Yep, every single time! Just scan, pay, and watch your POPcoins add up. It’s like getting a little bonus with every transaction.

Spend Your POPcoins in the POPShop

Once you’ve earned your POPcoins, it’s time to have some fun in the POPShop. We’ve got over 500 trendy brands in fashion, beauty, food, home, and electronics. Want a cool Marvel tee from Souled Store or some amazing skincare from Minimalist? We’ve got it all. Plus, everything gets delivered to your door in just 3-5 days.

And check this out: we have a POPminis collection with products starting as low as Re.1. You can try out new things without breaking the bank. It’s perfect for when you want to experiment before committing to the full-size product.

More Ways to Use Your POPcoins

Right now, you can spend your POPcoins on awesome D2C brands, but that’s just the beginning. We’re adding more options soon, like travel, events, experiences, and more. Imagine using your POPcoins for a weekend getaway or a concert! The possibilities are endless.

With POP, shopping and paying are not just easier—they’re way more fun and rewarding. Join the revolution and make every rupee you spend count!

Join the waitlist today and get ready to maximize your rewards with the Pop Club Credit Card. Stay tuned for its launch and be one of the first to enjoy these fantastic benefits.

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