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HalalBooking Referral Code for 25$ Discount to New Users

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Want to receive a 25$ discount on your first booking. Look no further than HalalBooking by using our HalalBooking Referral Code for a signup,

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Are you a travel enthusiast who’s on the lookout for halal-friendly accommodations? and want to receive a 25$ discount on your first booking. Look no further than HalalBooking by using our HalalBooking Referral Code NMeSwLOd for signup, the world’s leading platform for discovering and booking halal-friendly hotels and villas that cater to your unique needs.

With a vast selection of properties worldwide, HalalBooking ensures your travel experiences are in line with your preferences, whether it’s halal food, no-alcohol policies, women-only facilities, or serene pools and beaches. And now, with the HalalBooking Loyalty Club (HBLC), your travel experiences can be even more rewarding.

Join the HalalBooking Loyalty Club and Elevate Your Travel

HalalBooking’s Loyalty Club offers an array of exclusive perks and discounts that amplify your travel experience. The program comprises three tiers: Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. As you ascend the tiers, your benefits and privileges grow, enhancing every journey you embark on.

You book accommodation on HalalBooking.com worth $500 or more (within one year), earning a $25 discount on your booking.

  1. Signup on the website using our HalalBooking Referral link https://en.halalbooking.com/ref/NMeSwLOd
  2. or code NMeSwLOd
  3. Search for hotels and book.
  4. Use the 25$ discount which will be applied automatically
  5. Enjoy the trip.

Here’s How You Can Benefit:

1. Sign Up and Invite Friends for Rewards: When you invite your friends to join HalalBooking through your personal link, you’re not just sharing a great travel resource with them—you’re also setting yourself up for impressive rewards. Here’s how it works:

  • Step 1: Share your unique personal link with your friends.
  • Step 2: Your friends register on HalalBooking using your link.
  • Step 3: Once your friend books and completes a stay worth $500 or more within a year, they receive a $25 discount on their booking.

And the rewards don’t stop there! As a token of appreciation for bringing your friends on board, you receive 1000 Status Points if their booking is worth $500 or more, or 500 Status Points for bookings ranging from $250 to $499.

2. Climb the Status Tiers: Earning Status Points not only rewards you with unique benefits but also propels you through the HBLC tiers, unlocking even greater advantages. Here’s a snapshot of what each tier offers:

  • Gold Tier: Enjoy discounts of up to 10% on most hotels, 1 Cash Point, and 1 Status Point for every $1 spent. You’ll need an additional 3,000 Status Points to reach this tier.
  • Platinum Tier: Access discounts of up to 15% on most hotels, and receive 1.25 Cash Points and 1.25 Status Points per $1 spent. Additionally, relish FREE Platinum privileges in select hotels, including late check-out, room upgrades, and breakfast (subject to availability at check-in). Achieving this tier requires accumulating 10,000 Status Points.
  • Diamond Tier: At the pinnacle of the HBLC, enjoy discounts of up to 20% on most hotels, coupled with 1.5 Cash Points and 1.5 Status Points per $1 spent. Revel in FREE Platinum privileges in select hotels and receive FREE Diamond privileges in other select hotels, encompassing benefits such as early check-in, double room upgrades, and airport transfers (subject to availability at check-in).

Start Your Journey Today:

Ready to take your travels to the next level? Join the HalalBooking Loyalty Club and indulge in a world of benefits, discounts, and unique privileges that make every journey extraordinary. Use your personal link to invite friends, share the joy of halal-friendly travel, and earn rewards along the way. Your travel experiences deserve to be elevated—explore, discover, and enjoy with HalalBooking!

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Remember, with HalalBooking, your travel dreams become unforgettable realities. Book with us and experience travel like never before!

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