Knowledgehut Referral code 20% Extra Cashback on any course

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Now you can earn 20% extra cashback on any course. Use our Knowledgehut Referral code and enjoy this exclusive offer. 

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Now you can earn upto 20% extra cashback on any course. Use our Knowledgehut Referral code 569CNFGH and enjoy this exclusive offer.

How to use Knowledgehut Referral code?

  1. Signup using our referral link
  2. Enter Knowledgehut referral code 569CNFGH in the signup form.
  3. Purchase any course or plan you are looking for and enjoy 20% cashback in your account. You can later transfer this cashback into your bank or Paypal account. 10% of your purchases and 10% from friends.

What is Knowledgehut?

We are a lot of passionate individuals who believe in doing more with less in the Education Training Services. On a Mission to achieve success – we enable you to acquire the industry-leading skills through practice-oriented and personalized educational experiences.

It’s easy to get started

  1. After purchasing your friend will get up to 10% of their course value as CashBack in their account
  2. You get up to 10% as CashBack when your friends complete their course using your Knowledgehut Referral code.
  3. Start referring your friends by entering their email address or share your links via social media
Knowledgehut Referral code offer
Knowledgehut Referral code offer

Knowledgehut Referral Bonus

Invite your Friends to Join Knowledgehut Certification Courses by sharing your referral code. They’ll get up to 10% Cashback when they purchase any course, and you’ll get up to 10% as Cashback

  1. Create KnowledgeHut account to start referring
  2. Start referring your friends by entering their email address or share your links via social media
  3. The referee gets a unique link to enrol for the course and get up to 10% cashback
  4. Referee enrols for a course with a unique link.
  5. You will receive up to 10% Cashback in your account for each referral who enrols

You will qualify for a Referral Bonus if all of the following apply:

  • The Knowledgehut Referral Bonus Payout will be a percentage of the value of your Referee’s payment – 5% for Certification Courses and 10% for Non-Certification courses. Please also note that the Referral Bonus is applicable only on Classroom and LVC programs and not on e-Learning programs.
  • The Knowledgehut Referral Bonus Payout will be in the form of a cash-back and will be credited to your KnowledgeHut Refer and Earn Account, from where you could withdraw it into your bank account. If the Referrer is from Europe, the cash-back will be credited directly to the Referrer’s PayPal account (if he/she has one) or shared in the form of an Amazon Voucher, whichever the Referrer prefers.
  • The Knowledgehut Referral code Bonus Payout will be credited within 30 days of the Referee successfully completing the training, and provided the Referee has used the Referral Code.
  • There are no cash or other alternatives available in whole or in part, in relation to the benefits under this Program.

Qualification for a Referral Bonus:

  1. You must sign up for the Refer and Earn program and share the Knowledgehut Referral Code received with your Referee.
  2. You have requisite authorization and consent to provide such Referee’s name, e-mail address and contact information to KnowledgeHut;
  3. The Referee enrols using your Referral Code and successfully attends the training program

Unqualified for a Referral Bonus:

You will not be eligible to receive the Referral Bonus if any of the following apply:

  1. The Referee referred by you or the entity with which such Referee is involved has previously undergone training from KnowledgeHut;
  2. The Referee referred by you forgets to use the Referral Code you have shared
  3. The Referee attends a program published on the KnowledgeHut website and which relates to a Partner
  4. If you advertise the Knowledgehut Referral code through Pay-Per-Click advertising, sponsored links, unsolicited e-mails, or message boards /forums; You use false names, impersonate other people, or provide false /misleading information to KnowledgeHut.

Knowledgehut customer service number?

USA : +1-469-442-0620, +1-832-684-0080
INDIA : +91-80-41520045, +91-80-41100637, Toll Free: 1800-121-9232
UK: +44-2033320846
SINGAPORE: +65-315-83941
CANADA: +1-613-707-0763
NEW ZEALAND: +64-36694791
AUSTRALIA: +61-290995641
UAE: Toll Free 8000180860
Malaysia: +601548770914

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