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Binance Referral id 85% Cashback (Extra 100$ Bonus)

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Binance Referral ID has an Exclusive 45% Discount code and 100$ Bonus for our users. Use our Binance Referral ID and get a Flat 20% Discount for your Lifetime on your all trading fee and an extra 25% discount when you pay using BNB Coins. Lifetime Earning [ Exclusive ]

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Binance Referral id has an Exclusive 45% Discount code for our users. Use our Binance Referral ID N6FDIYIT and get a Flat 20% Discount on all your trading fee and an extra 25% discount when you pay using BNB Coins.

Additionally, you can also invite your colleagues to Binance with your Binance Referral ID or QR code and earn up to 40% commission per referral. When they perform registration using your referral id, you’ll get a commission every season they trade!

Applying for Binance Referral ID?

We give the biggest Cashback of 20% discount on trading to the customer which is also called kickback cashback.

In 2021, the cryptocurrency exchange Binance realized a special program called Kickback cashback, which allows referrals to refund a percentage of profits earned by charging fees to the consumers attracted by them.

Signup using our Binance Referral id N6FDIYIT and get a 20% discount on all of your trades and 41% Earning with referral affiliates. This is Binance’s 20% kickback code and 25% BNB payment discount.

Binance Referral idN6FDIYIT
Referral Discount20%
BNB Discount25%
Referral RequirementsMust be 18+
Valid till2024
Binance referral id 20% kickback proof
Binance referral id 20% kickback proof

Binance Referral id is N6FDIYIT

Referral Link

We are giving the highest 20% code for you [Exclusive].

Binance Referral code and Binance Referral id 2020
Binance Referral 2021

Most of the users have already heard of Binance so Binance doesn’t really need an introduction. Binance has been a leader since January 2018, when it became the most comprehensive cryptocurrency exchange with a market capitalization of proximately $4 billion now. The 41% Earning you get even when you share 20% affiliate commission with a friend and keep 21% for yourself and 25% with BnB hiding BnB for cashback on trades and 20% from our referral share with you.

In this article, we will give you a Binance Referral so that you can also Sign Up on this platform and use the biggest crypto trading platform to make more extra crypto profit.

Binance Discount Codes & Offers

Binance does not provide any coupons for discounted trading fees but with the Kickback referral code you can save up to 20% on trading fees on top of a 25% BNB holding discount. I have compiled all working Binance Coupons and deals with which you save extra money while trading on Binance.

Welcome Bonus Claim in reward centre [exclusive]
25% Off on FeesHold BNB
20% Off on FeesUse Kickback Referral Code
100% Off on FeesTrade-in BUSD pair [Limited time]
Extra DiscountPlace maker order instead of taker order

For the extra discount, you need to place a maker order instead of a taker order and this Binance deal is only valid if you are Binance VIP-1 or above.

Pro Tip:

  • If you are trading low satoshi coins then it’s better to sell them in USDT, ETH pairs instead of relevant BTC pairs.
  • For better price don’t stick to one trading pair only, e.g. you want to sell COTI on Binance but you should not necessarily sell it in COTI/BTC pair only, always check other pair also, in this case, COTI/BNB, COTI/USDT
  • Don’t use a normal referral code during signup, use the Kickback referral code for an extra 20% Off.

I update this blog post regularly, so all Binance working offers are added and expired deals are removed from time to time.

How to get a 25%+20% Discount on Trading Fees?

Flat 20% Referral Cashback discount using our referral code you will get. Use BNB coins for paying trading fees to get an additional 25% discount. (enable this under the “Account” section) and keep some balance in your spot BNB account so they can deduct it automatically and give you the discount.

Binance referral id link for signup
Binance referral id link for signup

Binance Referral Program Details

Many people are watching offers on our platform to earn free bitcoin or cryptocurrency that you can do this easily by referring your friends making a blog or creating a video. Those options are good but you can earn additional with the same channels. There are many google exchanges you can be a part of.

To promote a Binance referral code, you can use various marketing tactics such as sharing it on social media, email, or other online platforms. You can also create promotional materials such as flyers or posters to advertise your referral code. Additionally, you can offer incentives or rewards for people who use your referral code to encourage them to share it with others. It’s important to make sure that your referral code is easy to find and understand and to clearly communicate the benefits of using it to potential users.

Here are some steps you can follow to promote your referral code:

  1. Identify your target audience: Think about who is most likely to be interested in using your referral code and tailor your marketing efforts accordingly.
  2. Make your referral code easy to find and use: Make sure that your referral code is clearly visible on your website or app, and provide instructions for how to use it.
  3. Offer incentives or rewards: Consider offering rewards or incentives, such as discounts or free products, for people who use your referral code. This can help encourage others to share it.
  4. Use social media and email marketing: Share your referral code on social media platforms and through email marketing to reach a wider audience.
  5. Create promotional materials: Design flyers or posters advertising your referral code and distribute them in relevant locations or events.
  6. Track and analyze the results: Monitor the success of your referral code campaign and adjust your strategy as needed based on the results. This can help you improve the effectiveness of your marketing efforts over time.

We always heard of referral programs so this is one of them we are introducing you to today on our website.

So let’s talk about the Biancnce referral program

Binance referral id india
Binance referral id commission

Binance exchange Registration Steps

You use our Binance Referral Link or our Binance referral id N6FDIYIT in a signup form Page that Appears. Just fill in the details and click on “Create Account” after that a verification mail will be sent to your registered email id.

Click on the verification link from Binance on your registered email. Your Binance Account is now ready and you can now start trading.

Binance Referral Kickback (20% Cashback)

Basically, you and your friends can share up to 40% of the referral commissions of their trading fees. This is decided by the referrer just with some rules based on the situation as described below.
You will initially get a 20% commission of the transaction fees, once the person that you refer starts trading. Your daily average BNB account balance should be at least 500 BNB or more, only then, your referral rate will be increased to 40%. You can choose to share, anywhere between 5%-20% of the Binance referral Rewards with the friends you invite.

Binance kickback code heighest
Binance kickback code for Highest Cashback ever

For each different Binance Referral, you get to decide with 15 links and channels, out of the 40% or 20% commission how much you want to share. The maximum you can share is 50% or half of what you are eligible for.
So always search for referral codes of Binance referral id on google that gives you some kind of percentage commission rate.

Cashback percentage explained

The size of the discount cashback is fixed by referral and pre-applied within a referral link. A Referral with a basic level can choose between 0%, 5%, 10%, and 20% of the kickback as shown in the screenshot above in the first picture.

The highest cashback of 20% can be set by any referral even if you are of the advanced level or a basic, The advanced referrals are the ones holding more than 500 BNB (Binance Coins) on their Binance referral accounts or affiliates.

The commission fee reimbursement is subtracted from the profits obtained by the referral via the referral program and calculated by the Binance exchange. Thus, a cashback is paid to customers by the referral invited to register. Hence, not all referrals want to offer a 100% kickback from their account only we are the one who does.

Couponancee, being an affiliate of the advanced level get a base rate of 41%, is keen to offer the most comfortable terms. Accordingly, registration via our link means the highest kickback attainable, which is 20% with our exclusive Binance Referral id.

Binance Referral Program Updates

After 12-05-2021 Binance Referral is changed here is the list of changes on that. Previously Binance owns a separate referral program for Binance spot and Futures but now both programs are linked to one.

Now you will earn rewards for both spot or Futures, you will earn a commission for both market trades (spot and futures) both codes will work for you.

  1. The changes apply to all the users who signup after 12th May
  2. The old commissions will be the same and not linked.
  3. Old users can see the different rewards in their respective dashboards.
  4. Kickback commission will be applied as per your default referral link selected in the spot and futures.
  5. All other previous rules will be unchanged.

How to promote your Binance Referral Link?

You can promote your content on the Binance referral on various platforms like telegram groups, Twitter, Facebook, or personal blogs like we do. Once you do it will be a great source of revenue for you to earn with your referral income. If you don’t violate any conditions this will be a great opportunity for you.

  1. You can share on your social media with friends or in Whatsapp groups.
  2. If you have your own blog or Youtube channel you can start promoting it. You will get a great boost and a source of passive income for you.
  3. You can educate people on Youtube about cryptocurrency and trading in return you can ask them to signup.
  4. The options are good for any normal blogger or blogger if you are.
  5. If you are not good at writing you can share on public forums and boards.
  6. You might have seen people search for content on quora or Reddit-related groups like “Binance Referral id Reddit” on google. You can solve people’s queries there and earn income if you help them well on Quora, Bitcointalk, Reddit, etc.

Binance Exchange Review

Binance is the global blockchain corporation behind the world’s largest digital asset exchange market by trading volume and users, serving a bigger mission to accelerate cryptocurrency adoption with 30+ products, projects, exchanges, and initiatives including the list below.

  1. Binance offers a trading platform for both basic and advanced users where you can trade using various signals.
  2. You can also use their Apps on Android and IOS or even on the desktop or Mac.

Cryptocurrency investments can offer several potential benefits, including:

  1. Decentralization: Cryptocurrencies are decentralized, meaning that they are not controlled by any single entity or institution. This can provide investors with greater control over their own assets and reduce the risk of government or financial institution interference.
  2. Lower transaction fees: Cryptocurrency transactions often have lower fees than traditional financial transactions. This can make them an attractive option for investors who want to minimize their costs.
  3. Increased accessibility: Cryptocurrencies are digital and can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. This makes them more accessible than traditional investments, which may be limited by geography or other factors.
  4. Increased privacy: Cryptocurrency transactions are often more private than traditional financial transactions. This can be attractive to investors who value their privacy and want to protect their personal information.
  5. Potentially higher returns: Cryptocurrency markets can be highly volatile, which means that they have the potential for higher returns. However, it’s important to note that this also means that there is a higher risk of loss, so investors should be cautious and do their due diligence before making any investments.

Features of Binance

Binance is already a great exchange, but we have some special features that make it part of the rest of the commotion in the crypto industry.

  1. Binance also uses Maker and taker arrangements but they are not much different in terms of commission. You will have to pay the same fee for all trades. They will charge you a fee if you take liquidity and give you a rebate if you make a market.
  2. Trading fees range from 0.02% to 0.10%. This depends on the number of volumes you trade every day. The higher the volume is and the lower fee you have to pay.
  3. Binance has its coin called BNB which can be used for trading completion and 25% discounts on the trading fee.
  4. Their quick and easy support also attracts many users. You will also get a dedicated account manager if you are a big trader or marketer for affiliates with more than 10,000$ commission.
  5. You can use Binance without KYC on its global exchange but for the country-specific exchanges, you will have to follow the local government laws for KYC.
  6. The REST API can be used for standing boats and all auto trades boasts like Tradesanta etc.
Binance referral code for lending
Binance referral id for lending

Diversity of Binance Products

Binance has 30+ products on the Binance platform and this ecosystem is called Binance Cloud.

  • Binance Exchange ( includes Binance Futures, Spot & Margin trading, Binance Lending, and Binance Staking
  • Binance Academy: It’s a non-profit blockchain and crypto educational portal.
  • Binance Charity: Its another non-profit organization and leading blockchain-powered donation platform dedicated to elevating transparent philanthropy
  • Binance DEX: A community-driven decentralized exchange developed on the head of the Binance Chain blockchain for issuing and exchanging digital assets in a decentralized manner
  • Binance Fiat Gateways: buy-and-sell crypto platform, covering 180+ countries and regions within local payments partners and P2P programs. Fiat-to-Crypto Platforms: joint ventures with global partners to buy, sell and trade crypto: Binance US, Binance Jersey, Binance Korea, Binance Singapore, Binance Uganda, and Binance Lite Australia.
  • Binance Labs: venture arm and incubator, investing in and supporting early-stage blockchain startups and infrastructure projects
  • Binance Launchpad: exclusive token launch platform for supporting transformative blockchain startups and entrepreneurs
  • Binance Pool: Large cryptocurrency mining platform connecting miners to Binance’s suite of financial products, designed to improve user earnings. Use our Binance pool referral code HYMSNT3N for a 50% discount on the fee as a new user.
  • Binance Research: institutional-grade, data-driven insights and analysis for crypto investors
  • Binance X: a developer-focused initiative to foster innovation of blockchain developers and cultivate industry growth and meaningful use cases
  • Other initiatives: Binance Cloud (end-to-end business solution for launching exchanges), Binance Info (market news and insights), Trust Wallet (mobile wallet and dApp browser), and Tokocrypto.
Binance Referral id
Binance Referral id discount on trades

Binance Referral Lifetime Commission

The Referral program was launched by Binance in December 2019 with a Binance Referral id for an unlimited commission but the rules and commission rates keep changing. This means you can enjoy the benefits of current referral rules for a lifetime.

You can create up to 15 different links with 15 different sets of commission rules for the discount on trades.

Binance also reserves the rights. The terms of use read that Binance reserves the right to change the terms or even to cancel the program at any time. So let see how long Binance will offer these services to its users.

Binance referral program explained

Any Binance user can create a Binance Referral ID and be eligible to promote it just your commission will be different 10-40%. When new users signup using your referral link or code you get the commission on each trade.

You can choose how much commission you wanna keep and how much you wanna share it with your friends. The more discount you offer the more people will use your referral code.

As an Example – We are sharing our 100% benefits with you and keeping 0% for ourselves with our Binance Referral ID N6FDIYIT, We do this so you can enjoy the full discount as our valuable user.

I already have a Binance account. How can I get a Referral discount?

Unluckily, the program is prepared for new accounts only, and you get a commission by signing up. If you have a Binance account, it’s difficult to add a kickback discount to it. But you can signup for the Binance Futures using our Binance referral id to get a 20% extra discount on future trades. You can get an extra 10% discount when you pay using BNB Coins on futures and 5% on margin trades.

Binance Affiliate Programme Rules

Binance has upgraded our Referral Program! Invite your friends to register and trade on, and you and your friends can share up to 40% of the referral commissions from their trading fees.


1. All referral commissions (both those received by inviters and those shared with their invited friends) are calculated in real time and transferred to the respective Binance accounts every hour in cryptocurrency.
2. The settlement assets of referral commissions are the same as the commission fee generated by the actual transaction of the invited friend (invitee). If the invitee uses the BNB deduction fee, the settlement assets of referral commissions and referral commissions returned are BNB.

Why Join Binance?

  • Top Most Popular Crypto Exchange.
  • Highest Liquidity and volume.
  • Comparatively low trading fees.
  • Have the best crypto referral program where you can earn up to 50% affiliate commission.
  • The lifetime kickback discount is explained below.
  • Regular listing and trading competitions.

Binance Referral Questions

What is your Binance Referral id?

Using the code N6FDIYIT to get a 20% discount on every trade at Binance Exchange.

How much discount will I get?

You will get a 45% discount where the 20% is with referral id and 25% using BNB payment.

how to see the discount?

When you apply a referral code the discount will be displayed as a 20% Kickback commission.

Is it also valid for existing users?

No, it’s for new users. Old users can use it for the future section only.

Any Exclusive Binance Discount Code?

No, not currently active.

How to apply the Binance promo code?

You can apply Binance coupons and promo codes during sign-up only. have the best Kickback cashback code which is 20%,

Binance Referral id 85% Cashback (Extra 100$ Bonus) - 2024
Binance Referral id 85% Cashback (Extra 100$ Bonus) 1 BINANCE REFERRAL ID DISCOUNT 20

Binance Referral id has an Exclusive 45% Discount code for our users. Use our Binance Referral ID N6FDIYIT and get a Flat 20% Discount on all your trading fee and an extra 25% discount when you pay using BNB Coins.

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Use Binance futures referral code and referral id for signup and earn up to 80% commission and 40% Discount on all trades in may binance platforms. Binance exchange accepts users from almost all countries in the world including the UK, USA, EU, Australia, Europe and Canada. Most countries in the world supporting Binance Referral including the UK, Europe, Africa, Germany, Australia India, Spain, France, Nigeria, Netherlands, Russia, South Korea, Canada Singapore and 34 Other countries.