Bitmax Invitation Code get 40% earning and 25% Discount

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You can get a flat 25% Discount on Cash & Margin and futures trades and 40% earning by using Bitmax Invitation Code when you sign up for 365Days.

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Use Bitmax Invitation Code BFREEDAY for signup on or use the invite link to get a 40% earning and 25% discount with a referral program. Where you can earn unlimited free coins. 초대코드 China 推荐人ID, Get up to 40% of transaction earning fees as a reward on this cryptocurrency exchange.

Applying Bitmax Invitation Code

You can get a flat 10% Discount on Cash & Margin and a 25% discount on futures trades by using Bitmax Invitation Code BFREEDAY when you signup. The discount will be valid for 365Days and the 40% Earning from a referral is valid for the same period. is now.

Invitation CodeBFREEDAY
Cashbackupto 100%

Signup link:-

Signup with bitmax invitation code
Signup with Bitmax invitation code

Bitmax Invitation Rules

  1. The Invitation Code program starts from 00:00 AM, 8 May(GMT)  2020 and will last until the official end date (which will be announced in the future).
  2. You would need to use the invite link on this page to refer your friends to register at
  3. By Inviting friends to register and trade on BitMax, you earn 40% of their commission fees back as a referral reward during the event.
  4. Previously referred accounts are also eligible for the referral reward.
  5. The daily settlement will start at UTC 00:00 (Beijing Time 8:00 am) based on the previous 24-hour referral reward amount.
  6. The referral reward will be posted and reflected in an individual account on within four hours.

How to Start Futures Trading on

1.  Go to [Homepage] > [MAsset] > [Account Transfer].

2. Transfer asset from Cash Account to Futures Account.

3.  Click on [Futures] on the top navigation bar tvisit the Futures Trading page.

Bitmax Futures Referral

  1. Users need to invite friends (the Referral(s)) to register on through the Personal Referral Link
  2. The Referral(s) will be eligible for a 10% trading fee discount for 365 days after account registration.
  3. Users will receive part of the Referral(s)’ transaction fees as a referral reward (valid for 365 days after the Referral’s account registration)
BitMax futures referral invitation code
This displays Referral Ratio relative to total trading volume from all referrals and referral tier

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