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Tronlink Invitation Code: 08zO Get free 300 Tron points

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Use Tronlink Invitation code 08zO and get 300 points for free. Share your Tronlink referral code and earn 300 points for each referral.

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As a person who is looking to earn profits in the crypto world its a sin if they miss out on the freebies that the crypto industry provides. Today we will talk about one such freebie that is up for grabs currently in the market. Use our Tronlink Invitation code 08zO and get 300 points credited to your account absolutely free.

Tronlink is a TRON based decentralized wallet created by a global team of developers. It has launched the newest version of its app the Tronlink Pro for its users. The app can be found at the Google Play and the App Store. This app is easy to use, secure with full-featured TRON functionality. So download the app and use our Tronlink referral code to receive free 300 points.

Tronlink invitation code is 08zO

Tronlink invitational code08zO
Tronlink Referral linkClicClick herek here

Tronlink sign up process

Tronlink is present on android, ios and also a Chrome extension. But to avail the 300 points that are being offered you have to download the Tronlink Pro app.

  • Click here to download the app by scanning the QR code or you can just type Tronlink pro and download the app directly from google play or app store.
  • Enter your Wallet name.
  • Set your Wallet Password.
  • We suggest you set up a wallet mnemonic in order to prevent loss of assets.
  • All done! you are ready to go. As simple as it can get.

How to earn free 300 points in Tronlink

Perform the following steps and receive 300 points in your wallet.

1. Open the app and click on the “Me” section at the bottom right corner. Click the Friend Invitation section.

2. Look for a “Claim Rewards” section at the top right corner. After clicking on “Claim Rewards” you will be asked to enter the Invitational Code.

Tronlink Invitation Code: 08zO Get free 300 Tron points 5 tronlink step 2

3. Type 08zO as your Invitational code and press Confirm.

Tronlink Invitation Code: 08zO Get free 300 Tron points 7 TRONLINK REGISTRATION Process

You will now receive your free 300 points as promised by Tronlink.

How to refer your Tronlink Pro Invitational code

  • As mentioned above visit your “Friend Invitation” section on the app.
  • You will receive your invitation code under the “My Invitation Code” section.
  • Copy this code and share with your loved ones and earn 300 points for each referral.
  • You can check your points on the same page which will show your credits score.

What is Tronlink?

It is a decentralized wallet based on the digital currency TRON. Also, it is in close touch with the main network of the TRON team thus providing you immediate assistance and bug fixes thus leading towards secure asset management.
Tronlink serves almost 90% of the TRON users and has all the popular TRON Dapps. All TRON based tokens are supported and it provides you with a clean and easy to use interface on mobiles and PCs. Even TRON’s founder and CEO – Justin Sun has backed the Tronlink’s wallet thus laying to rest any rumours about its authenticity.

TRON is a digital currency which has the potential to compete with companies like Facebook, Google etc to provide us with digital media.

TRON allows us to have full control over our digital content and deals with the payment, credit sharing, storage and development for a worldwide digital platform.

What are Tronlink Points?

Tronlink points are just a reward that is being shared by the Tronlink team with its new users. How much they re worth? we really don’t know. Some are speculating it to be close to 1USD but still, these figures can’t be relied upon.

Taking a look at the recent launch of Uniswap’s UNI token we must admit that nothing is impossible in the digital currency world. It made many millionaires in just a few hours. Thus we can just hope that these TRON points also turn out o be something like UNI.

As these points are being provided for free we advise you to keep gathering these points and hope they can provide you with great profits. Earning them requires no expertise all you need is a strong social network to earn more referrals.

How to redeem Tronlink points?

As of now, we do not have any information about the future of these points provide by Tronlink. But they do suggest that these points can be used to exchange credits for mainstream tokens such as TRX, BTC, ETH or BTT in future.

These points can also be used for value-added services on the platform and for the exchange of goods in the credit shop.


What is Tronlink invitation code?


How much is the reward?

300 TRON points

Tronlink referral reward?

300 points per referral.

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