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SEO Hacking Workflow to Rank on Google within weeks

Another fast method to rank for your search keywords. It’s not as easy as the Workflow in the last blog but, using this workflow, you can actually start ranking for the keywords with your own content.


Step 1: Find the keywords you want to rank for.

Step 2: Research the search results and find the highest-ranking content in your niche.

Step 3: Write a new version of the best of the highest-ranking content. For example, if there’s a blog about “Top 10 Ways to Grow Your Online Gifting Store”, write a blog on “Top 25 Ways to Grow Your Online Gifting Store”.

Step 4: Time for the fun part! Go to this website:

and change the domain to your competitor’s domain which is ranking for the search results.

Step 5: The website will give you a list of all the content which is linking back to their content (which is ultimately helping them rank on search). Step 6: Reach out to everyone who’s linking back to the top results.


Send them the following email:

“Hi first name, … I just wrote a similar article you mentioned. It’s like [Name of the article] but more thorough and up to date [URL]…”.

Usually, around 20% will link back to the article which is usually enough for you to land up on the first page for the search results!

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