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Zb.com Referral Code Earn 100% Cashback + 10% Discount

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The signup benefits of 10% Discount and 100% earning will be given when you use our Zb.com Referral Code in the signup form.

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Now on Zb Global use Zb.com referral code 7916qibq for earning up to 100% bonuses and 10% discount on-exchange trading. ZB launched a referral program which offers up to 100% cashback.

ZB is one of the top 10 exchange on the Coinmarketcap which is a reliable digital asset trading network, giving transaction information of all crypto, and multiple professional security protections to build a financial-grade crypto trading network to ensure the security of cryptocurrency trading.

Zb.com Referral Code offer

The signup benefits of 10% Discount and 100% earnings will be given when you use our Zb.com Referral Code 7916qibq in the signup form. Sign up today for trading cryptocurrency. You can also use the referral link below for the registration.

Zb.com Referral Code7916qibq
Referral Bonusupto 100%

Signup link: https://www.zb.com/en/register?ref=7916qibq

Signup process

  1. Use the link above for the registration
  2. Enter your email and password
  3. Enter Zb.com referral code 7916qibq
  4. Complete OTP verification.
  5. Start trading and earning.
Zb.com global referral signup
Zb.com global referral signup

ZB.com Referral code program Details

According to ZB.com, you should be agreed to the following terms to earn the referral rewards.

  1. ZB Global Referral Partner enjoys rewards from his/her invited active users’ transaction fees. The definition of Active User is the user has passed the further Real-name authentication and paid transaction fees on ZB.com.
  2. The account statement will be based on monthly, the income from last month will arrive on the 10th off this month.
  3. You are able to activate the ZB Partner assistant function after becoming a ZB Referral.
  4. The valid period of ZB partnership will be 180 days, if you do not recommend one more users within 180 days, the system will terminate ZB partnership.
  5. The valid users status will be updated after the second day of trading.

ZB referral is a significant part of ZB.com and owns the following exclusive opportunities.

  1. Enjoy up to 100% rewards
  2. Supported by ZB market resources
  3. Priority to participate in off-line activities
  4. Certificate of honor for an excellent partner
  5. Priority to try out new products
  6. Participate in partner influence rankings

Reward Schedule for ZB Global Referral Partners

Zb referral partner reward distribution
Zb referral partner reward distribution

This is the list of how the reward gets distributed.


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