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Liquid Referral code get 160% Discount on exchange

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Liquid Referral code now gives 50% Commission on referral code by inviting others and 60% Discount on all of your cryptocurrency trading fees.

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Use Liquid Referral code Q7kb5DnB652110 to get 160% discount as a reward when you signup using our Referral code on an exchange. Liquid exchange is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchange worldwide. Liquid Referral code gives you more profit and 160% 0ff on trading fee.

How to apply Liquid Referral code?

You will receive a 60% discount on trading fees by using the Liquid Referral code Q7kb5DnB652110 to sign up on Liquid Pro exchange and using QASH coins. Register on Liquid using a referral link to start trading cryptocurrencies.

Liquid Referral CodeQ7kb5DnB652110
Discount 60%
Signup linkClick here
Referral Valid2023

QASH are the coins from Liquid exchange which gives you 50% extra discount and 10% from the Liquid referral code.

Signup Link:

Signup form for liquid referral code
Signup form for liquid referral code

Signup Steps in exchange

  • Use the Referral link and sign up for a Liquid account.
  • Fill in your user details and set a strong password for your new account.
  • If you use the referral link it will automatically fill the referral code. If it still asks you can enter easily fill referral code Q7kb5DnB652110
  • A confirmation link on mail will be sent, Verify it and create an account.
  • Verify your account by submitting a government ID, a selfie-and proof of address.
  • Place an order of any amount using fresh funds that do not come from another Liquid Pro account.
Liquid referral code and link
Liquid referral code and link

Take advantage of a Liquid Commission Kickback Rate of 10% Discount rate as Liquid referral bonus, write the Liquid invitation code in the field “Referral Code” in the registration form as in the figure below or easy click the Liquid referral link.

The Referral code Discount of 10% will be applied before any other applicable fee discounts (e.g. 50% QASH discounts) and is not applicable to negative or zero-rated trading fees. The Referee will not be entitled to the Referral Discount after the 30-day period but you will continue to receive your 50% QASH discount even after that.

Liquid Referral Programme details

The Liquid referral code bonus allows you to earn cryptocurrency by referring your friends to Liquid Exchange.

Simply get them to sign up for a account via your referral link, verify their account and place an order of any amount for their first trade so they can enjoy the discount too. Once complete, you will BOTH receive a 10% discount in trading and 50% Rebate for the first month and 30% for lifetime.

Update 2020: Liquid Referral id now gives 50% Commission on referral code by inviting others and 10% Discount on all of your cryptocurrency trading fees.

Liquid referral code rewards for signup
Liquid referral code rewards for signup

Receive 50%* share of your friend’s fees, while they get a 10% discount of their own.
*Promotional period of 50% ends June 20th so hurry up!

Now lots of exchanges are offering similar rewards because of the increased competition between exchanges. This is benefiting the user like us for the rewards and discount on trades.

invite friends using liquid referral code
invite friends using liquid referral code

Liquid is offering referral scheme similar to Binance. It is proving the commission of 50% for the first month. The referral code bonus will be distributed daily (Every 24hr) and you can check the distribution details in the app dashboard itself.

NOTE – The 50% referral commission is for the first month to each user and after that, a  referral commission will be decreased to 30% after completing your first month.

Liquid Exchange Referral rewards

Every time you refer someone to Liquid, they will forever be your referee. Every time they pay trading fees on Liquid, you will receive 50% of their trading fees. You control your own destiny with the referral program on Liquid. The more people you refer, the more you can earn and there is absolutely no limit. If you build a large, successful network you could set yourself up a healthy passive income stream.

Liquid pays you with a bonus whenever signup through your personal referral code. You can think as a person who signup by your referral code and starts trading. Whatever trading fees he spends 50% of his payments will be credited to your account in relative cryptocurrency.

Therefore each time some of your referrals decide to trade on the exchange you will earn a 50% commission instantly. That’s why you should share your referral code everywhere loke blogs or Quora, Youtube, Reddit or any other social media platforms.

Of course, there needs to be a reason for your friends to sign up through your referral link too, so, every person that signs up through a Liquid referral link will receive a 10% discount on their trading fees for the first month, plus a chance to start referring and unlocking further incentives. They can’t get that anywhere else, so signing up via a referral link is attractive.

Here’s what you need to know about receiving referral rewards:

  1. Referral payments will be credited to your Liquid account once every 24 hours.
  2. Payments will be credited in the currency the fee is paid by your referee (Crypto to Fiat).
  3. The Liquid referral dashboard gives an excellent overview of your referral history, including the amount you earned and the number of referees you have.
Liquid exchange referral reward and QASH Offer
Liquid exchange referral reward and QASH Offer

Liquid Trading Fees Comparison

We can say the Liquid exchange has the lowest trading fee right now. You can make it much lower up to 60% by using your Liquid Referral code and QASH for trading fee payments.

That’s why, if you pay Liquid transaction fees with QASH coins, you get a further discount of 50% on trading fee! So 10% and 50%, get off 60% discount on commission!

The discount cant goes negative so it won’t apply where the fee is already zero per cent.

Liquid’s fee structure rewards traders by lowering their trading fees when they trade more on Liquid Exchange. The lowest level has zero maker fees when you pay fees in QASH, making it easier to get started with Liquid by enabling the option.

Trading fees are charged according to a user’s trading volume over the last 30 days on Liquid.

Normal trading fee without discount
Normal trading fee without discount

All traders can receive a 50% trading fee discount by paying in QASH and 10% from Liquid Referral code.

Trading fee Discount with QASH and Liquid referral code
Trading fee Discount with QASH and Liquid referral code

About Liquid Exchange

Liquid Pro exchange is a high-performance, powerful crypto exchanging platform fully optimized for your smartphone and website, You can use both to examine the markets, trade on margin and manage your portfolio at any time anywhere.

The liquid is one of the oldest crypto exchange and was popular with a different name in the past. It offers to trade in spot, margin, and perpetual contracts. Liquid launched in 2014 as QUOINE and its renamed after that. Join with our Liquid Referral code and get a 10% discount for a sign-up bonus.

Liquid exchange is offering an appealing referral program to its users. If you can bring people to liquid exchange with your attraction, Liquid will reward you with a 50% referral commission. Every user you invite using your Liquid Referral link will give you rewards. Also, you can avail an extra 50% discount in your trading prices by paying your fees in QASH coins.

  1. They have Margin trading on the go.
  2. Feature-rich dashboard and app.
  3. Advanced charts with Deep insights
  4. Powerful mobile trading experience with android and IOS apps
  5. Regulated exchange & with trust and security.

Liquid Referral FAQ

Who can share a Referral?

Individuals that have verified Liquid accounts.

When will I receive my Rewards?

Liquid admins will calculate the total referral fees at the end of each day and referral commission of each user into your account. The 10% Discount you will get instantly.

How can I keep track of my referrals?

You can select the Liquid Referral code section from the menu and check all your commission and earnings.

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