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Pillow Crypto Referral Code for earning 1000 Coins in App

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Pillow is a crypto investment platform where I earn up to 18% interest for just holding cryptocurrencies. It is available exclusively via invites. Join Pillow using our referral code 26G8VW When signing up and earn a reward up to 1% of your deposit with your first transfer of $250 or more!

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Use our Pillow app referral code 26G8VW for signup and earn up to 18% interest on your crypto investment. This app is the highest interest-paying app for your crypto right now with Bitgo. You can also earn 1000 Feather coins for the deposit made by your friend after you refer them that the minimum deposit should be 250$.

How to use the Pillow App referral code?

Download the app using our invitation link given below because you can’t use the pillow right now on the website and it’s still in the early access phase.

  1.  Use the Invitation link for the download https://pillow.onelink.me/aX5O/b53dda4
  2.  Select Signup using the email option (don’t use Google login)
  3. Enter your name, email id, and our Pillow app referral code 26G8VW in the  box
  4. Verify your email
  5. Start earning from 18% interest and 1000 feather coins using referrals.
pillow app referral code
Pillow app referral code for crypto

What are Feathers coins?

Feathers are the reward coins you earn for depositing crypto in Pillow or referring friends. You can redeem your Feathers for
1% in USDC or unlock mystery gift boxes

Platinum Giftbox
Redeem 100,000 Feathers to open a Platinum Giftbox that contains blue-chip NFTs, USDC, an iPhone, or other goodies

Gold Giftbox
Redeem 25,000 Feathers to open a Gold Giftbox that can contain USDC, NFTs, AirPods, or other goodies

Silver Giftbox
Redeem 10,000 Feathers to open a Silver Giftbox that can contain USDC or electronics or exclusive merchandise.

How to refer and earn works

  1. Your friend installs and signs up with Pillow using your referral code
  2. Your friend makes their first deposit of 250 or more on Pillow
  3. You get 1000 Feathers
pillow app referral signup form
Pillow app referral signup form

Pillow App supported countries

Pillow App supports almost all the listed countries which you can see at the time of signup but they only support direct bank deposits and withdrawals for Indian users only.

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