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Chiliz Invitation code for exchange with 40% commission

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Chiliz Referral announced Chiliz Invitation code with a 40% earning on the exchange. Signup today and be a part of this exciting offer.

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Chiliz Referral announced Chiliz Invitation code 8nUxgM with a 40% earning on the exchange. Signup today and be a part of this exciting offer.

Chiliz Invitation code for the exchange

Now Invite your friends to Chiliz exchange for register and trade on and you can share up to 40% of the net referral commissions with their trading fees just use our Chiliz Invitation code 8nUxgM for signup.

Signup link:-

Chiliz referral comission
Chiliz referral comission

Referral Detailed rules

  1. All referral commissions will be paid to the respective accounts within three (3) weeks.
  2. The referral commissions are the same as the net payment fee made by the original transaction of the invited friend.
  3. may change the relationship of referrals at any time and stores the right to adjust the rules of the referral schedule. Users are urged to make relating to this list for accurate referral rates at any point in time.
  4. In order to get a referral commission, they need to register using the corresponding Chiliz referral code (or QR code or referral ID). If they register to utilise an old or incorrect ID code of the person who invited them, instead of via the link, you will not receive any of the referral commission.
  5. There is no limit to the number of patrons a single account can invite that means unlimited earning.

About Chiliz Exchange

Chiliz could be a currency option for blockchain-backed goods & services geared towards mainstream users. we would like to elevate common activities – fan engagement in entertainment, alternative payment resolutions for conventional products, and more. Chiliz gives sports & entertainment entities with blockchain-based tools to assist them to engage & monetize their fans.

Chillz referral

Chiliz does so by creating scalable service layers on top of our personal privacy, proof of authority blockchain (the Chiliz chain). All of those projects are fueled by the Chiliz token ($CHZ), a chain-agnostic digital currency which is currently accessible on leading crypto exchanges around the world.

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