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Swipe Wallet Referral Code 50$ and Free Card

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Earn Through Referral with Swipe Wallet Referral Code for 20$ bonus with FREE Swipe Visa Card.

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The Swipe Wallet with referral code is to use Swipe Tokens [SXP] to perform all functions and make this app useful for services and to create transactions. Users on the Swipe Wallet can buy, sell, and cover their fees with their cryptocurrencies by changing them into fiat immediately inside the Swipe App.

This can be done to buy gift vouchers and create quick transfers between all assets that are recommended. Users can use their own SXP tokens on the launch.

Register on Swipe Wallet with the referral code GTYVY9 and get a free 50$ Bonus.

Referral CodeGTYVY9
Swipe free card
Swipe free card

FREE Swipe Visa Card awaits our UK and EU users when you order yours today with additional 20% referral reward when you invite someone.
Download Swipe http://sw.pe/App

Swipe.io Wallet has headquartered in London, United Kingdom, with a purpose to allow users throughout the globe access to financial services joined to electronic currencies.


What is Swipe Wallet Referral Code?

Swipe Wallet Referral Code is GTYVY9

How Much I can with Referral?

The referral reward is 20%

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