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AAX Referral code 750$ Reward and 50% Trade Commission

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Use AAX Referral code mZ8z1I6mZ74p at Sign up and unlock 750 USD worth of BTC Now. AAX Cryptocurrency Exchange offers a Welcome Bonus Program where new users can enjoy up to 750 USD worth of BTC Welcome Bonus! Sign up and earn the bonus now!

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Use AAX Referral code mZ8z1I6mZ74p at Sign up and unlock a 10% Discount and 50% Commission on trades with a limited period of 750$ reward for your futures trade.

AAX Cryptocurrency Exchange offers Benefits for your Tribe Members. First 3 months futures taker fee 10% off welcome Bonus! Sign up and invite to earn the extra 50% bonus now!

How to use AAX Referral code?

Use our referral link or AAX Referral code mZ8z1I6mZ74p in the signup form to earn these rewards.

AAX Referral CodemZ8z1I6mZ74p
ValidNew users

Trading fee discount

First, 3 months futures taker fee is 10% off and 750$ reward for your trade-in futures. The prize will be 750$ respectively Now.

AAX exchange referral code bonus
AAX Exchange referral code bonus

AAX Referral Campaign

  1. Commission: Earn $20 for every eligible referral and 20% back from their trading fees. Users can earn up to 40% in commission on their direct referrals to every trade they make;
  2. 2nd Tier Commission: User can earn another 10% when your direct refer invite another person into AAX;
  3. Spot Trading discount on both maker and taker. Discount will calculate immediately
  4. Those referred accounts enjoy 10% taker fees off on Futures Trade for 3 months – from 0.075% to 0.0675%;
  5.   There is no limit to the number of referrals a single account can invite.

AAX Referral rank system

The tribe leaders’ ranking status will update on the first of every month, based on the previous month’s monthly active referred user and trading volume.

AAX Referral code 750$ Reward and 50% Trade Commission 3 aax referral rank

For example, a user who joined this month has successfully invited 30 other users and has an accumulated trade volume of 300BTC, the user ranks Chief starting from the 1st of the following month.

Therefore, the user would enjoy the spot trading fees discounts as it is shown above, a 30% commission rebate, and a 10% 2nd level commission rebate in the following month.

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