BitUBU Referral id 25% lifetime earning Code for 2021

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Use our BitUBU Referral id ID425D5E53EA for a 25% lifetime commission on your referrals for all trades. Using UBU to pay for fees (30% discount) on your all trades.

How use BitUBU Referral id?

  1. Create a new account using BitUBU Referral code ID425D5E53EA or referral link 
  2. Copy your referral link on the Account page.
  3. Share your personalized referral link with your friends.
  4. Your friends will then create their accounts using your BitUBU Referral code.
  5. Earn a commission whenever your friends buy or sell crypto in BitUBU.

BitUBU Referral id 25% lifetime earning Code for 2021 3 bitbu referral how to

Rules of Referral

  1. Each time an order is completed, the commission will be sent instantly into your BitUBU account.
  2. Referral commission rate: 25%
  3. Each referee must be signed up through your Referral Link or Referral ID.
  4. BitUBU will check for duplicate or fake accounts and will not pay out referral commission on these accounts. Duplicate or shared finances will result in disqualification.
  5. Duplicated or fake accounts will not be added to the referral count.
  6. Important Notice: BitUBU reserves the right to change the terms of the referral program at any time due to changing market conditions, risk of fraud, or any other factors we deem relevant.

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