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An easy hack to get PR for your startup or business

Businesses look at PR as an expensive affair and the fees that the PR agencies charge will make you believe that.

Get PR for your startup or business by connecting directly to journalists

The hack to get PR at a low cost is to skip the publications and connect directly with the journalists. Use relationship building over huge budgets.


Step 1: Google your competitor’s name or a keyword describing what your startup does.

Step 2: Toggle to the News tab. You will see a huge list of the most recent related articles.

Step 3: These are the journalists you want to pitch. (Remember: More than 80% of journalists prefer being pitched by email).

How to get their emails:

● Method 1: Use,, or

● Method 2: Find them on LinkedIn. Look at the “Summary”, most of them will have a direct email address to connect.

● Method 3: If they have a personal blog, subscribe to the newsletter to get their email address.


There is another way to build a database of journalists’ email IDs using one of the tools mentioned in our post Try it out!

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