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Scrape the email IDs from any website and fill your email funnel

This one’s our current favourite and has already started getting me Unicorn-Like Results.


Step 1: Define a list of keywords on any website based on your target audience. Example, It might be “Project Managers” on LinkedIn (B2B) or “Food Blogger” on Instagram (B2C). It could be any other website or forum as well and LinkedIn and Instagram are just examples.

Step 2: Go and get the SERPDigger tool. This is a chrome plugin we would need to use to Scrape all these email IDs. It’s a small but highly rewarding investment.

Step 3: Once you run the tool in Step 2, you will have a .CSV file with all the email IDs.


After trying many email scrapers, this is the best one I’ve found! The best part about this tool is that the results are validated on the basis of keywords you use.

This means you have highly targeted specific keyword-based results.

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