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Use this secret Google Search phrase to generate B2B leads

If you have a target company or business that you want to approach, here is a simple hack you can use to find the best way to reach them.

In this hack, we will use “Our Locations” pages aka OPLP = Other People’s Location Pages to scrape email addresses for B2B prospecting.

We will use a special Google search string to find email addresses of concern gatekeepers from any specific location.


Step 1: Go to and search the exact phrase, “Our Location” And “Email”.

Step 2: In the SERP you will find the locations page of companies, where the company has listed all of their offices, along with email IDs of each of their offices.

Step 3:  Now it’s time to extract these emails, open New tab, and Go-to

Step 4: Select the ‘web page’ tab and copy-paste the URL of the page and click extract.

Step 5: The tool will extract the emails in a .CSV file.


You can add more search strings to have specific results. For example, If your target companies are web development agencies, “Our Location” AND “Email” AND “Web development”.

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