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Turn Your Website Visitors to Conversions with this simple hack

An ‘Exit page’ is the last page accessed during a visit. That’s where the visitor ends the relationship with your website. Most marketers ignore Exit Pages. But what if you could turn those people who are about to leave into email subscribers? Customers? Lifelong fans? Here’s how:


Step 1: Go to Google Analytics and find the most popular Exit Pages on your website.

Step 2: Go to your website and create a Popup (an “Exit Popup”) and set up the popup on all the exit pages.

Step 3: Offer a free calculator or worksheet or cheatsheet (or even your Side-Project if you have one) in exchange for the user’s email ID.


You can use one of these tools to create an exit popup:

● GetRooster ( )

● GetSiteControl ( )

● ExitMist ( )

Exit popups can increase Visitor to Conversion Ratio by almost 100% or even up to 300% in some cases. A/B test from your exit pages to get the best results.

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