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Steal your industry’s best Facebook Ads

While this book gives more importance to achieving growth without a lot of advertising, it’s good to know how to run the best performing ads if you decide to do so.

If you are running Facebook Ads for a specific purpose, like conversions or clicks, then you have to keep on optimizing Ads. Either you will hire an expert or an agency to analyze and optimize your Ads or use specific tools.

These ways, the default ways, only lead to a loop where to keep investing money. So a better way to find Ads that work for you is to look for the best ads in your industry and to borrow and steal ideas from your industry to make Facebook Ads work for you.


Step 1: Go to, this is a free tool and they have a huge collection of high performing Ads.

Step 2:  Search for a specific keyword and select the relevant Ad Placements, Industry, Objective, and Attribution.

Step 3:  Now you will have a set of high performing Ads, click on anyone.

Step 4: Check the copy of the Ad, the type of image which worked for them and even you can visit the link in the Ad to study their landing page too. Note down the Special Attributes, where you understand the type of content whether it is a video, a human photo or an animation. Notice the pattern of Ads that are working and create similar ones for you too.


After you are done with Optimizing your Facebook Ads, you can optimize your landing pages with the same tool. Just click on the link in the Ad and you will be directed to the landing page of your competitor’s Ads then you can steal or borrow ideas from that page and optimize your landing pages too.

The idea is not to reinvent the wheel and use what has already driven results for others in the same industry and target audience.

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