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Steal SEO Keywords & Strategy of your competitors

The best strategy in SEO is the one which works. And if it’s working for a competitor, it’s probably going to work for you too.

What’s better is once you know what they’re doing, you can do even better with all the clever growth hacks you learn on this website!

The Keyword strategy is the backbone of your SEO and also your competitor’s SEO. Knowing what keywords your competitors are targeting, you can adjust your tactics accordingly and beat them in their own game.

When you finalize your target keywords, you follow a process for On-Page SEO where you try to fit the targeted keywords in Title, Description, and Heading of the blog.

You also try to have the maximum frequency of these keywords on the page. Just like you, your competitor will follow the same process and with the help of a tool, you can check the above parameters and locations for keywords and make a sense of targeted keywords. In this hack, we will reverse engineer our SEO using our competitors’ strategy.


Step 1: Find all the blogs or pages posted by your competitors in the last 30 days, make a list of these pages.

Step 2: Go to, and click on SEO Analyzer.

Step 3:  Paste the URL in and click Submit. The tool will analyze the page and give you a result.

Step 4: Click on ‘Keywords’

Step 5: In the Top Keywords Section, note the high-frequency keywords which also appear in title, description, and headers. These are the keywords targeted by your competitors for that specific page.

Step 6: Go to SEO Section of the analysis, have a look at the page structure in terms of Heading and Subheadings. You will be able to make sense of their strategy.

Step 7: Now repeat Step 2 to Step 5 for all the other URLs and you will have the list of keywords targeted by your competitors.


Smallseotools is a good tool but I do not recommend it to use as your primary SEO analysis tool. It may miss out on various new parameters added by Google due to lack of or slow updates. But for this specific hack, it really works great.

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