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Show up inside high ranking search results for specific keywords

SEO is the most important channel for your startup growth and it takes a lot of time and effort to RANK on the top search results for your target keywords. But we will doubt the default practice of SEO and show up inside the highest-ranking search results for your target keywords! And it’s not very difficult. Here are the steps:


Step 1: Analyse the search rankings for the keywords in the first 3 search result pages.

Step 2: Filter the results for the keywords from the first 3 pages which are from publications, listings, review websites and blogs and make a list of these.
Step 3: Outreach to these websites to add your link to the list by contributing content to the same. (much faster than ranking your own blog or site).
Step 4: Additionally, place banner or link ads on these pages through direct advertising in these publications. (which is much cheaper than going through something like Google Adwords). This will get you the same visibility that you would get by ranking on the first few result positions, and maybe even more since you’re now “showing up” inside multiple search results.


We’re basically hacking into Other People’s Search Rankings (OPSR) in this case. They’ve already spent their time, money, resources and efforts to achieve the rankings and we need to LEVERAGE the same. You can also get SEO link juice by placing yourself on these results which will improve your own domain’s long-term rankings too! This works for all kinds of startups. And once you have a successful workflow, you can automate it using tech. Example: In Step 3, a JavaScript can open the contact forms of all these websites or track the Social Media profiles and then an auto-fill bot can send the query to all these publications on your behalf.

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