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Reach 100% of your Facebook Page Fans to take action

Facebook’s content reach has been reducing over time as their Stock Price has increased. No kidding, there’s actually a graph which shows how the Facebook business page reach has come down each month as their stock price went up. Your post is reaching out to around 5% of your fans and it doesn’t make sense to fight for visibility on the news feeds.

Using this growth hack, we could actually get visibility on our fans notifications which have a 100% open rate!


Step 1: Create a dummy Facebook app with the same name as your Facebook business page appended by the app in the suffix. (Just for convenience).

Step 2: Link the app to your Facebook page (Why are we doing this? Because apps can send notifications to people but business pages cannot. Remember Candy Crush?)

Step 3: Whenever you have a link to be shared which needs action from your followers, send the notification to your Facebook fans through the app instead of posting it through your page.


This can be a unicorn hack if used properly (Just like all the other hacks in this website!)

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