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Quickly boost your Facebook business page likes

You probably understand your ‘likes’ are just vanity metric and probably have no real value by their mere collection. However, if you’ve got a TA match, fans mean much more than likes.

As they are potentially part of your sales funnel. In this hack, we will use the most engaged Facebook groups in your niche to invite people on Facebook messenger to like your business page.

This works because targeted groups mean a TA match and inviting them on messenger means extremely high view and open rates. Which essentially means better conversions. The best part about this hack is you can really do this in bulk. And what more: No javascript needed. Surprisingly, this is an inbuilt feature of Facebook. Untapped my most. So, here goes


Step 1: Join an engaged group in your niche.

Step 2: Start engaging with people in the group and add them as friends on Facebook.

Step 3: Go to your business page and in the right column click on the ‘invite friends’.

Step 4: In the not invited column, click on friends and you will see the names of groups which you are a member of. Click on any of the groups and it shows you the option to invite all the friends in that specific group.

Step 5: Click “Select All”, and tick on “Also send each invite in Messenger”.  Now just wait for your likes going up.


Always tick on the “Also send each invite in Messenger” every time as this is personalization. It goes directly in their messenger inbox and feels like a personal invite than just bulk invite all.

CASE Note: The features we’re leveraging in this blog perfectly at the time of writing the same. When you use these hacks, you may have to work your way around the changes made by the respective platforms, if any.

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