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Quick link building hack using OPW broken links

Link building is like gathering votes for your website for Google rankings. It is one of the most important parameters in SEO. To rank for important keywords, you will need as many backlinks as possible.

The idea is to go on top-ranking websites, find broken links and then notify the publisher or author about it.

To complete the workflow, you then send your content replacement so they consider replacing those links with your links.

Here’s why this works: No one wants a broken link on their website. Many authors write content and tag the relevant links in their articles, but a lot of blogs or online platforms shut down, making the links irrelevant and broken. The author rarely checks his content again, so here we are actually doing a favor by informing the author about the broken link.


Step 1: Use a Chrome extension like LinkMiner. Download and install LinkMiner.  We will use this to find missing links on specific domains.

Step 2: LinkMiner will help you look at all the outward links and will test which ones are broken or non-functional.

Step 3: Look for ‘404 errors’. [A 404 error means that the page you were trying to reach on a website couldn’t be found on their server].

Step 4: If you don’t have relevant content to the broken link, write valuable content.

Step 5: Tweet or Email the author about the broken links and also let them know about your content. When they get rid of the broken link, they have your content to link to now. That’s the backlink you wanted.


Link Miner has an added feature where it scrapes all the links and make a .CSV file of it. This helps you sort multiple broken links.

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