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Wint Wealth is a platform where you can make Alt Investment with your money by signing up using Wint Wealth Referral Code 7BD97E and earning an 11% return.

How to?

  1. Open the link
  2. Sign up with a valid mobile number.
  3. Verify it with an OTP
  4. Complete your KYC, make your first payment and earn an 11% return.
  5. Additionally, earn extra rewards using referral codes up to 10%.

About Wint Wealth

Wint Wealth is a financial technology company focusing on debt investment in India with an 11% return policy with their Alternative investment option. It offers a bond for a shorter duration around 2 years compared to other fixed deposits with a duration of 5 years.

What counts as a successful bonds referral?

Referrer must share their unique link and the referee must sign up only using that link and must be a new user on Wint Wealth platform.

Referral rewards are only applicable for gains earned by investment in senior secured bonds that are available on Wint Wealth. You will start getting rewards whenever your friends earns from the senior secured bonds investments made in their first year.

Who is eligible to refer their friends and family?

The referral program is exclusively open to all Wint Wealth investors. If you are an investor on Wint Wealth, you are eligible to participate in the referral program.

How much can I earn through the bonds referral program?

Referrers can earn 10% of the gains their referred friend earns from their first senior secured bond investment on Wint Wealth and 5% of the gains their friend earns from their subsequent senior secured bond investments in the first year of sign-up and there is no limit to the amount of rewards you can earn.

Is there a limit to the number of friends I can refer?

No, there is no limit to the number of friends you can refer to. You can refer as many friends as you want and earn rewards for each successful referral.

How are bonds referral rewards paid out?

Rewards are paid directly to the referrer’s KYC-linked bank account within seven days after the referee earns interest from their bond investment.

What are gains and how is it calculated?

Gains are the amount which your friend earns over and above the invested amount.

For example, if your friend invests ₹ 10,100 in a bond and over the tenure of the bond gets ₹ 11,300 repayments as principal and interest, then the difference is the gains for which you will receive the rewards.

When does the first year start for referral rewards?

The first year starts from the date of sign-up of the referee. Referrers can earn rewards for their referred friend’s senior secured bond investments for the first year after their sign-up date.

What should I do if I have a question about the bonds referral program?

If you still have any questions about the referral program, you can reach out to our investor relations team on WhatsApp or Email. We will be happy to assist you.

If my friend invests twice in the same bond as their 1st investment, will I get 10% rewards for both of his investments?

Gains for the purpose of the Reward at 10% shall be calculated on only the first transaction and not the complete first bond investment. Eg. If the Referee invests in Bond ABC after signing up for INR 1 Lakh, the gains shall be counted only for this first transaction. For any subsequent transaction, even if the transaction is a further investment in Bond ABC the referrer will earn 5% of the gains.

How are bonds referral rewards taxed?

As per Section 56 (2)(x) of the Income-tax law, such rewards are considered as income from other sources if they cross the 50,000 limits in a given year from any sources and If these rewards exceed INR 50,000 per annum, then the entire income remains taxable under this section if not gifted by relatives or family.

Note: Taxation on rewards received might differ on a case-to-case basis. Wint Wealth is not a tax advisor and the above is for informational purposes only. Please consult your tax advisor.

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