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Poloniex Referral Code for 35% Discount + 20% Commission

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Poloniex Referral Code is offering 10%+25% Off on Trading Fees for New Users+ 20% Commissions For Existing Poloniex Users. Invite your friends to Poloniex and earn 20% on their trading fees.

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Poloniex Referral Code BT6EAV3E is offering 35% Discount and 20% Commission on Trades in cryptocurrency. Invite your friends to Poloniex and earn 20% on their trading fees.

Make sure to make use of Poloniex Referral Code as it is way better than signing up without any as it provides you with a 10% New User Bonus on your trading fees.

How to use Poloniex Referral Code?

  1. Use our Poloniex Referral Link to signup directly
  2. Apply Poloniex Referral Code BT6EAV3E in the signup form.
  3. Now you can enjoy all the Poloniex Referral Code benefits which are 35% Discount and 20% Commission. The extra 25% off you will get when you will hold some TRX into your account.
Poloniex Referral CodeBT6EAV3E
Discount35% (10%+25%)
ValidNew users

Referral and Inviter Rewards end after 180 days or 5,000 USDC has been paid out, whichever comes first. So the offer won’t last long. Signup now.

Poloniex Referral Code offer alert
Poloniex Referral Code offer alert

How to send a Referral code?

Whether you’re a trader, HODLer, or just Poloniex referral fan, you can share your referral code with your friends to join Poloniex and earn from their trading fees. You’ll earn 20% on your friends’ trading fees and they’ll earn 10% back. It’s a win-win.

  1. Get your Referral Code:
    All Poloniex customers can access their Poloniex referral code from their account settings. Login to your Poloniex account to find your Poloniex referral code.
  2. Invite your friends
    Share your referral code with your friends, family, and on your social networks. Every person who signs up using your Poloniex code will be another person you can earn from.
  3. Start your earning
    Welcome your Poloniex referrals with a 10% trading fee rebate and when they trade on Poloniex, you’ll earn 20% of the trading fees they pay, up to a maximum of 5,000 USDC.
  4. Expand your network
    The more you share, the more you earn. Continue sharing your Poloniex referral code with your network to keep the earnings coming.

Referral Program Details

  1. Rewards will be paid out to inviters and referrals once each day in USDC.
  2. Rewards are calculated based on the net spot and margin trading fees paid by referrals. For more details on how rewards are calculated, please visit our Help Center article
  3. Both inviters and referrals are eligible to receive rewards for up to 180 days from the referral’s sign update, or until the inviter and referral together have earned a combined aggregate of 5,000 USDC.
    Each Poloniex customer can invite as many friends as they want! There is no limit to the number of referrals one account can have.

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