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Phemex Invitation Code $66000 Free and 10% Off

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Phemex is The Fastest Cryptocurrency Derivatives Exchange with a 0% Trading fee. Apply Phemex Invitation Code as a new user for up to a $66000 bonus and 50% earnings.

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Phemex The Fastest Cryptocurrency Derivatives Exchange. Phemex Invitation Code GK86M for $66000 Bonus + 80$ a free premium for all of your free Trades on Referral Signup and 10% off on all trades. Up to 66000$ after deposit as a welcome bonus for trading cryptocurrency perpetual contracts on Phemex.

How to use Phemex Invitation Code?

Click on our Phemex Invitation link or use our Phemex Referral Code for Signup to receive the money. The 66000$ bonus and 10% discount you will get instantly after you complete the deposit requirements. You have to make your first deposit of cryptocurrency.

Phemex Invitation CodeGK86M
Free Premium till30 days

$66000 Welcome Bonus

$66000 Bonus: You will get a $66000 bonus when you complete your first deposit. Check that status on your “welcome bonus” page. When you deposit more than or equal to 0.2 BTC / 2000 USDT / 10 ETH / 10 000 XRP / 500 LINK, you will get a free bonus.

  • Deposit BTC ≥0.01 to ≥2 BTC

10$ worth of free premium for 30 days. (write your email ID in the comment section and we will send you the 30days trial. Don’t worry we won’t publish or use your email id.)

Get a $10 trading bonus by completing your KYC, and following Phemex on Twitter!

Signup link:

Free 30Days Premium plan

Social Media Gift from Phemex worth 10$ by doing the following task after signup using the above link/code.
Follow @Phemex_official on Twitter, Retweet our pinned tweet, tag 3 friends, and add a Comment.

– Complete the application process and receive a 30-day Full Premium after your claim is reviewed and approved
Phemex signup bonus process
Phemex signup bonus process

New Friend Invite Promotion

Inviter and friend both get 10% off Taker Fees (3 months max)

Partnership with Stacked

Stacked’s trading bots can now be connected to Phemex. We are offering a free month of the SamuraiScalp bot to automate trades with the promo code “phemexprime

Phemex Referral Code Bonus
Phemex Welcome Bonus

Bonus Levels

Congratulations! A welcome bonus of $66000 worth of BTC to be added to your BTC trading account after signup. The welcome bonus can be used to send orders, open positions, pay for trading fees, etc. Any realized profit can then be withdrawn. However, the bonus itself cannot.

The amount you receive will depend on the amount of your deposit. So if you want more returns, please up your ante! Please refer to the table below for the giveaway details as of June 2022!

≥0.01 BTC$20
≥0.02 BTC$30
≥0.05 BTC$50
≥0.1 BTC$100
≥0.5 BTC$500
≥1 BTC$1,000
≥2 BTC$2,000

Become a Phemex All-Star

You can permanently earn up to 50% commissions on all trading fees collected in your network when people join with your Phemex Invitation Code.

Phemex Bonus Schedule
Phemex Bonus Schedule

Phemex Referral code Rules

  1. Invite a friend to register and trade. You will get a 10% Taker Fee discount for one month. You can get a maximum of 3 months in total. If you have a wide network of friends who trade, we recommend checking out our All-Star program.
  2. After an invitee‘s first deposit is confirmed by the platform, a Phemex Invitation Code Bonus will be immediately sent to your BTC trading account. Invitees will get their Welcome Bonus as well, once they transfer or convert the required amount to their trading account.
  3. After an invitee gets their welcome bonus, you will receive 50% of their bonus amount.
  4. Invitation Bonuses and Welcome Bonuses have the same restrictions: they can only be used to open a position, to pay a trading fee, or to cover losses; neither support withdrawals, transfers, and conversions.
  5. You are not allowed to register with multiple email addresses to receive multiple Invitation Bonuses. Your account will be banned if cheating is detected by our system.

Phemex Exchange Review

Phemex is a new crypto derivatives trading business launched in Singapore that is seeing to bring institutional-grade derivatives trading to the cryptocurrency domain. The team is lead by vast Wall Street trading experience employees, Phemex joins an expanding supply of cryptocurrency derivative brokers building a presence in Singapore.

Meanwhile, regulators in the nation are reportedly examining the cryptocurrency derivatives view as interest in the market continues to gather steam. Across the world, 2022 has seen the emergence of an excess of virtual currency derivatives trading opportunities.

 Phemex referral code fee
Phemex Zero-Fee Spot Trading is now live

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