Digifinex Referral Code for 44$ Discount and 0.02ETH

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Click our official invitation link to register in DigiFinex, and get 0.02 ETH + 300 RMB vouchers for transaction fees.

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Digifinex New user exclusive rewards: Use Digifinex Referral Code FrRtnZ Register account to receive 44$ USDT Discount on trading fee and 0.02ETH in the wallet after completing your KYC, also a coupon worth of 300 RMB Coupon which can be used for rebating transaction fees.

How to apply Digifinex Referral Code?

Using our Digifinex Referral Code FrRtnZ to earn 44$ reward which you can use to pay your trading fee. Trade of minimum 500$ in any Digifinex platform and earn extra free 2USDT in your account.

Referral CodeFrRtnZ
RequirementsNew User

Click our official invitation link to register in DigiFinex, and get 0.02 ETH + 300 RMB vouchers for transaction fees.

Signup Link: https://www.digifinex.com/en-ww/from/FrRtnZ

DigiFinex Global is a One-stop digital assets trading platform it’s a Safe / Stable / Professional level exchange. We are sending you a 2 USDT worth of BTC airdrop. Come to DigiFinex and make money now!

The BTC airdrop will be deposited in real-time after you complete KYC and trades more than 100 USDT

Use DFT to pay for transaction fees and enjoy a 25% discount!

  • Should there be any other tasks or events that require you to lock DFTs, the DFTs you’ve locked here will not be counted over to the other events, as these locked DFTs are for transaction fee discounts ONLY.
  • Should you ever change your mind and wish to unlock your locked DFTs, you can do so anytime, and these DFTs will be transferred to your account immediately so that you can use them for trading or withdrawals!
  • At 24:00 (GMT+8) daily, the system will calculate both your trading volume for the latest 30 days as well as the number of locked DFTs in real-time. Users can fulfil either one to enjoy fee discounts.

Earn extra 15$ on DigiFinex and DigiDeriv Registration

You can earn 15$ additionally by signing up on DigiFinex and DigiDeriv platform with DigiDeriv Referral Code FrRtnZ.

DigiFinex and DigiDeriv referral code
DigiFinex and DigiDeriv referral 15$

DigiFinex old and new users visit user centre and click DigiDeriv. Click to receive 15 USDT trial fund in the right upper corner.

Why Choose DigiFinex?

DigiFinex has the following list of features which makes it special apart from other exchanges.

All-Star Founding Team
The authorising team at DigiFinex consists of directors from renowned tech businesses such as Tencent, Baidu and Xunlei with extensive expertise in network technologies and fintech development.

Top 10 Exchanges In The World
Digifinex consistently ranks as a Top 10 exchange on CoinMarketCap.com and its current rank in Singapore is one.

100+ Cryptocurrencies
Digifinex supports 100+ cryptocurrencies, including every mainstream and popular coins to satisfy various needs from crypto investors

Digifinex Referral Code for 44$ Discount and 0.02ETH 3 digifinexHow to receive a coupon?

The coupon is exclusive for a new user who registered an account via an existing user’s referral link.

What if I lost my promo code?

New user in case lost promo code, can go to the homepage of the coupon, re-enter promo code.

How to review my coupon?

After receiving the coupon, go to download the latest app, go to “my–coupon” to check

How to use the 44USDT reward?

1. After registering, go to DigiFinex App – Select “My” – Select “Received Offers”- Select “Offers”

2. Trade with a specified token to receive trading fee rebate accordingly.

How to get 0.02ETH?

1. Complete KYC registration to unlock 0.02ETH of rewards!

2. Complete your first trading transaction to unlock 10% of the reward!

3. Login for 7 consecutive days to unlock another 10% of the reward!

4. Trade with any crypto to unlock 1% of the transaction amount as a reward!

Buy Cryptocurrency/ Bitcoin using gift cards

DigiFinex has launched a new P2P trading section, enabling users to trade Gift Cards with Bitcoins.

In the current stage, users can use 9 types of gift cards to buy Bitcoins, including Amazon Gift Card, Amazon DE (Germany) Gift card, iTunes Gift Card, Apple Store Gift Card, Google Play Gift Card, Steam Gift Card, Sephora Gift card, Nike Gift Card, and Walmart Gift Card.

  1. No Fees are charged for the trading gift cards with Bitcoins.
  2. No KYC is needed to purchase Bitcoins with gift cards.
  3. Trade with over 4 million users across the world.

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