bitthumb futures referral offer

Bithumb Futures Invitation code for 35$ and 50% Discount on all trades

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Signup on Bithumb futures and get flat 50% discount on a trading fee for one month.

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Signup on Bithumb futures to get 35$ plus flat 50% discount on a trading fee for 60days. Use our Bithumb futures Invitation code is DJXQ4TYF when signup and get for 60 days.

How to use Bithumb Futures referral code?

Bithumb Futures with 50% off on fees + 40% Referral Reward. Bithumb Futures is a derivatives crypto exchange providing 100x leverage on Bitcoin Perpetual Contract (BTC/USDT).

As a newly launched exchange, it provides profitable referral rewards through their Bithumb Futures Referral Program.

Use our Bithumb futures Invitation code DJXQ4TYF when signup or register with our referral link to avail the 50% discount referral benefits.

bitthumb futures referral offer

Why Bithumb Futures Invitation code?

Bithumb Futures is a digital asset derivatives trading platform with an initial product offering of Bitcoin to USDT Perpetual Contract up to 100x leverage.

With our Bithumb Futures Invitation code, you will get a flat 60% discount on trading fees and your referral discount will be valid for 60 days.
You will help us grow as we will get a small part of your trading fees as a referral commission for us with Bithumb Futures Invitation code.

Deep Liquidity, Tight Spreads
Highly liquid and efficient markets supported by a diverse range of institutional-grade market makers and global retail communities.

Cross-Asset Collateral
Trade with our unique cross-asset collateral system that allows users to post USDT, PAX, USDC, BTC, and ETH to increase buying or selling power for potentially higher returns.

One-Click Conversion
Swap BTC or ETH to USDT, and vice versa, via our convenient, zero-fee, one-click conversion portal.

Robust Platform Security
100% of funds in access-controlled cold storage for the secure custody of users’ digital assets.

High-performance order matching engine
Real-time monitoring on system processing and capacity, which rivals the leading, industry competitors.

Dedicated Client Services 24/7
Multilingual client service and technology support with 24/7 coverage for global retail and institutional clients.

Registration Rewards of 35$

Bithumb Futures Invitation code for 35$ and 50% Discount on all trades 3 bitthumb offer 35

Term and Conditions

  • If duplicate or improper accounts are detected, referral benefit may be suspended without any prior notice.
    Users who register with a referral code will see discounted trading fees for 60 days. (But for Users who register during the Pre-Registration period will see discounted trading fees for 90 days.)
  • There is no cap on the number of referrals a user can share.
  • Referral program benefit terms may change.
  • Commission rebate will vary accordingly, based on the invitee’s trading volume.

About Bithumb Futures Referral exchange

Bithumb Futures Referral is a Cryptocurrency futures Exchange from Korea which is separately operated by Jay Tree Holding International and registered in Seychelles.

The market gives us a Cross- Asset Collateral System that supports posting USDT, PAX, USDC, BTC and ETH to improve your profit and buying/selling potential.

The exchange gives security to the client’s funds by transferring funds in access-controlled cold storage. Though, the Exchange is yet to stand the tough time against hackers and future hacks.


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