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Leverage Other People’s APIs for automated content curation

Creating content needs a lot of investment in terms of both time and money. Curation is the preferred strategy in some cases and it can be automated easily. You can find APIs of channels who are already creating content in your niche and use them to curate content on your platform.


Step 1: Find major social networks, forums, portals, blogs, and websites which produce content targeted to the same TA as yours. You might pick a general website and filter the content to match your categories.

Step 2: Integrate APIs or widgets of multiple channels like these on your blog.

Step 3: Now you have unlimited content on your blog which is being fed in through these APIs. Always mention the original link to avoid any duplicate content issues.

Step 4: Improve conversions further by having users sign up for a digest from your blog with the best content from all the channels to their inbox.


This workflow has helped a lot of our clients who’re focused on content. If you have a platform which focused on UGC (User Generated Content), find an API (not from your competitor) which feeds you UGC and just plug it into your website. This also helps solve a major chicken-egg problem which marketplaces often face.

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