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How to get Viral With New Social Followers And Email Subscribers

Contests are the best way to drive engagement on social media and in this hack, we’ll take this a step further by using contests to gain a lot of email subscribers!


Step 1: Create a contest incentivising people to participate and refer their friends to participate to increase virality. Announce the contest on your social media channels using creatives. (photos or video).

Step 2: Outreach to contest handles on Twitter (Find them using Advance Search) and contest pages and groups on Facebook. These contest pages will do the marketing for you and you’re leveraging their OPNs.

Step 3: You will start seeing engagement on your contest creatives on your channel from these handles. Start engaging with people who’re interested and ask them to invite their friends.

Step 4: Repeat weekly or monthly to boost engagement. Also, instead of giving out gifts, giveaway your product or discounts on your products.

Step 5: Announce the contest winners on your email newsletter instead of the social media channel.


The last step will make sure people sign up for your emailer. Just keep it relevant so they don’t unsubscribe later. If this workflow works well for you, repeat the contests once every 3-6 months to peak your email subscribers.

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