How to build your beta product or MVP in 15 minutes

How to build your beta product or MVP in 15 minutes

Ideas are nothing without execution, but it’s too late to just say that.

Now Ideas are nothing without fast execution. Almost everyone, irrespective of what they do, has at least one good idea, but what differentiates the successful ones from the other is the speed of execution.

Likewise, we all get Ideas and keep hovering on them for months and years, but what if we at least test some of our ideas by making MVP (minimum viable product) or for the matter of this chapter a Pre-MVP. You would think it will take a lot of time. But we’re going to change that.

Here’s how:


Step 1: Go to and setup your account.

Step 2: Build your first form and ask relevant questions around your idea hypothesis.

Step 3: Send it to 100 people in your Target Audience.

Step 4: After 3 days, analyze if at least 10 people have filled your form. If they do, start working on that idea.


MVP is a minimal viable product, it is to have as less information as possible having to spend as little time as possible while you get enough data and results to analyze your idea.

The GH to product development is to have a Pre-MVP which is building a type form and then go into a full MVP. Make this your first step in your startup. Even if you want to test new ideas in your existing startup, make this your first step! Execute Fast, Fail Fast!

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