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Hacks for Link Building on Steroids using Search Operators

All the Search Engines and Social Media Networks are actually big databases and you can run queries on. Think of them as big databases for your growth. If you can work with dynamic operators, you can leverage these databases, filter out all the noise and connect with your target audience.

This post is a deep dive on this topic. I have compiled a list of Search Strings for you, which I call, “Link building on Steroids”, as I primarily use it for Link building. So Whatever business you have whether service or product you will be able to perform link building, brand awareness essentially getting in touch with the right audience.


Find Industry Specific Questions
industryName +
industryName +
industryName +

How to use this:

Search with your specific Industry and you can connect & answer questions from your target audience. The operator we are using here is, site: which will only return from that specific website.

Find Websites Which Review Products
ProductName + intitle:review
ProductName + intitle:ratings
ProductName + intitle:comparison
ProductName + intitle:price comparison
ProductName + intitle:compare
ProductName + intitle:recommended

How to use this:

Intitle:review will give you links to blogs or articles which have a review in their title, you can use this to look out for whatever you need in the title URL. Using the above search strings you can find Bloggers, publications or websites who write about products from your industry and you can reach out to them and ask to include your product. This not only will give you a backlink but will give you sales too.

Discover More Niche Directories

ServiceName + “submit site”
ServiceName + “submit url”
ServiceName + “intitle:directory”
ServiceName + “intitle:resources”
ServiceName + “directory list”
ServiceName “inurl:list”
ServiceName + “intitle:list”
ServiceName + “inurl:directory”
ServiceName + “inurl:resources”
ServiceName + “add url”
ServiceName + “submit url”
ServiceName + “suggest url”
ServiceName + “suggest a url”
ServiceName + “submit site”
ServiceName + “submit a site”
ServiceName + “submit your site”
ServiceName + “add a url”
ServiceName + “add a site”
ServiceName + “add listing”

How to use this

You can use all of these search strings to find new directories and submit your site there. The important thing about finding directories this way is that, your competitors will ask for directories from agencies or freelancing Marketers who will provide the same listing to everyone. But using these search strings, you will have an updated, new and different list which will give you an edge over your competitors. 

Ex. ​real estate + “add your listing”
​real estate + “submit a listing”


Operators are special Characters and commands that extend the capabilities on regular text searches. Ex. “”, putting a keyword in the phrase will give results as an exact match of the keyword.

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