Getting the first 5000 downloads of your new mobile app

Getting the first 5000 downloads of your new mobile app

We are going to use ProductHunt to boost your new mobile app downloads. ProductHunt is a website where you can launch your products, whether your product is new or an existing one.

We used ProductHunt to launch multiple mobile apps for our clients and projects. We usually hit an average of 5000 downloads from each PH launch.

In ProductHunt, either you can launch your app or a ’Hunter’ can launch it for you. A ‘Hunter’ is someone who submits your product on Product Hunt, it’s always better if a hunter launches the product. When you use a ‘Hunter’ to launch your app, you’re tapping into their network of influence leading to a larger number of downloads, more than what is reachable within ProductHunt.


Step 1: Go to ProductHunt and go on the ‘Topics’ section.

Step 2: Select the category in which your product is. Ex. ‘Marketing’.

Step 3: Look out for trending products in your category and check the hunters of these products.

Step 4: Go on their profiles, find their twitter account. A quick hack to find their Twitter profiles instantly is to look for the same username that they have on ProductHunt. 90% of the time, if you take their PH profile URL and replace with in the URL, you’ll find their Twitter profile. This is because most influencers and early users on ProductHunt signed up on PH from Twitter.

Step 5: You can schedule a series of Tweets to these influencers asking them to hunt your product on PH.


It’s not about launching your product on Product hunt but it’s about getting users from followers of your hunters. Hunters are influencers in Product Hunt, a tweet goes out from their profile when they hunt for your product. Do choose your hunter wisely, look for someone who has influence over Product Hunt and Twitter as well.

Hunters are also actively looking for products relevant to their TA to hunt. So as long as your product solves a problem, does what it says, and is relevant to the hunter’s TA, you will get hunted! And if your product doesn’t meet these requirements, you shouldn’t even be doing growth hacking!

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