Get Highly Relevant Media Coverage for your Startup

Get Highly Relevant Media Coverage for your Startup

“Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer” is what Don Corleone taught us about Competitors.

That’s exactly the advice you need to embrace before you execute this hack. We will use your competitors to find the best-targeted media publications where will find the exact target audience for your startup or business.


Step 1: Search for your competitor on Google and go to the ‘News’ Tab. The news tab will directly take you the media coverage sites so you don’t have to check the SERP for media websites.

Step 2: See the articles about your competitor’s which have got featured.

Step 3: Reach out to the authors of these publications and ask them to add your product in their articles. You can even sponsor the article if needed.


The biggest problem with PR or Media Coverage is that most startups or business like to get their product featured on startup or Entrepreneur websites or Small Business websites.

These websites have most other founders, startups, and business owners as their target audience which may or may not be the target audience for your product or service. This ends up mostly just being done for vanity akin to the number of likes on your Facebook page. Instead, focus on PR on publications made for your TA and not made for other business owners.

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