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Get content shares from Influencers without paying them

When it comes to scouting influencers, It’s either the money or the ego. For this hack, we’ll use the Ego.


Step 1: Choose a blog topic for your niche which can include your CTA.

Step 2: Make the topic about Influencer Opinions. Example, “Top 25 Digital Marketing Influencers share their thoughts about Inbound Marketing”.

Step 3: Create a typeform or Google form asking Influencers for their opinion. Note: Your question has to be specific, so they can answer it in under 50 words (the less, the better).

Step 4: Tweet or email the link of the form to top influencers.

Step 5: Curate all the inputs from the influencers and for the ones who don’t fill the form, pick one of their public tweets on the related topic.

Step 6: Once published, don’t ask them to promote your content. Just thank them for helping you out and send them a link an hour or so after you publish it.


You will be surprised at the amount of engagement a single influencer share can get you. Try this out and if it works for you, jump into a more intense influencer marketing campaign. And next time, make sure you reward the influencers for their contribution!

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