Generate Leads from 1.4 Million Websites

For free bulk lead generation, I have suggested you use, but it has a free use limit and you will hit it someday.

So we are going to discuss an alternative to That tool is, it is a side-project by You probably must have used for finding email IDs but this is a side tool which can help you find websites in your industry.

Similarly to BuiltWith, you can search websites using a specific technology, say WordPress, and further filter by industry too.


Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Type the technology you are looking for, then click on the ‘Create my list’ button.

Step 3: You can add more technologies, select language, industry. Fill in your Name and Email ID. You will have a .CSV file with the names of websites matching your search.


One of the applications of this list is that you can go on and find email IDs of employees of these companies and start your drip campaigns on them. This tool has a database of 1.4 Million websites, which is a huge number.

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