Generate business leads in bulk for free

Generate business leads in bulk for free

A B2B marketer’s day starts and ends with leads! In this post, we are going to look at a method of generating very targeted leads in bulk with a simple tool.

Probably you must have used it for finding what technology a website uses. But in this hack, we are going to use it for quick bulk lead generation.


Step 1: Go to and Login.

Step 2: After you log in, select any technology which your target audience websites use. So you select the technology and it will show you the information of all companies which use that technology on their websites. For example, you are selling to e-commerce shop owners, then select Magento or Shopify and you get the list of companies who use Magento or Shopify.

Step 3: The fun part is when you click on the technology of your choice, it will generate a list which you can download for free. And the list will have contact details of those websites using those specific websites. So here are your leads in bulk.


You can repeat this process for any technology and you can also select really specific things like “Wordpress websites not using A/B testing“. It’s a great way for B2B companies to get quick leads, you will get Email Address, Social Media Information, Location and sometimes the revenue and the amount these companies are spending on tech.

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