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Find the right content topics for lead generation using Quora Hack

80% of the views come from only 20% of your content. Why? Because only 20% of our content is useful for your target audience. This workflow helps you focus on that 20% and increase it to improve ROI.


Step 1: Go to and find popular questions around your topic.

Step 2: Schedule links on Twitter (or any other channel) to a bunch of Quora posts on Buffer with their questions as the body of your Tweets.

Step 3: If a tweet gains 3x above average interaction rates, write the post answering the question on your blog or website.

Step 4: Post the link of the answers (your blog links) to those questions on Quora.


This workflow helps you validate your content ideas but not only that, you don’t have to think about content ideas anymore. You already know what content would work!

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