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Find & Extract UNLIMITED LEADS from Facebook Posts

Facebook is a great place to find leads.

In this hack, we will target other people’s posts on FB groups and use them to generate links for our business. I personally love this one and use it a lot. Here’s how to do it:


For example, let’s say your target audience is Digital Marketers.

Step 1: Go to FB and search for a specific keyword followed by ‘email’ and ‘comment’, in our above example. Search for, “digital marketing email comment”. You will get posts with these search entries in the result.

Step 2: Now it’s time to extract the emails. Just copy the comments and go to and paste the text and click on the button extract. You will have a .CSV file of all the email IDs.

Step 3: Go to your email Marketing tool and add these Email IDs and add them in your drip campaigns.


You can do a lot of things with Facebook Search! Repeat the search with different keywords and generate leads.

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