Boost Content Engagement by 60% using 10-minute video creation & publishing

We all talk about video in our content strategy but using this workflow you can have a video for almost every piece of content you write without spending much time or effort on the same.


Step 1: Write a blog with lists or pointers as you usually would.

Step 2: Go to, add a link to your blog and the platform automatically generates a quick video to go with your blog. (using AI algorithms).

Step 3: Embed the video back into the blog before publishing it.

Step 4: Share the blog and video separately across social media channels and emailers. Measure the increase in engagement, time-on-page, and retention.


You can also use this workflow for curated content. Remember to promote the video separately as well as part of the content. You can have your videos ready and published within 10 minutes and we’ve recorded an overall increase in our content engagement metrics up to 60% when using this workflow.

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