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A simple hack to ensure your Marketing Emails hit the Inbox

A lot of times, you write a very good email to your prospects and you are all ready to get more sales. But the email lands in the spam of your prospect. It’s probably the worst thing that can mess up your email campaign open rates. Let’s find a way around and ensure that the emails go directly in your prospect’s mailbox.

To start, we need to understand why your emails go to spam.  It is either because your content looks spammy, or because you don’t have the required certificates. It could also be because there are broken links in your email or if you’re listed in any top DNS-based Blocking List, which free email providers refer to.

The trick is to check your emails before sending them and make sure they will end up in the inbox of your prospects.


Step 1: Go to

Step 2: You will see an email address, copy that.

Step 3: Now open your email box in a different tab, and send that email to the address you copied.

Step 4: Go the previous tab and click, “Check the score”.

Step 5: Resolve the problems stated by the tool, if any, before sending out the campaign.


The tools may change, but the basic idea of this hack is to take that extra step to find the real reason behind the problem.

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