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Simple Trick to Increase Blog-to-Social Media Conversions

Want your users to share your content on social media? Here is a very easy way. You should do this for all your blogs.


Step 1: Write your blog posts as you usually do.

Step 2: Instead of inserting photos and images on your blog post directly, post them on your social media channels.

Step 3: Embed them on your blog using the embed code from the respective social media post. Now when a visitors land to your blog page, they will see options to share the photos and will be more inclined to share that if they would see the normal photo uploaded on the blog.


Also, do this for the blogs you’ve already published. If you have too many of them, go to Google Analytics and check your landing pages. Find the 20% blogs which get you the most traffic on your website and deploy this workflow on those. Measure results and then deploy it to the top 40% and so on.

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