MXC Referral ID offers upto 110% Commission on trades

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20% Trading Discount on Fees. Sign up using our MXC Referral id on MXC exchange and become a part of a referral program. Earn up to 80% Rebate from all of your referrals trade for life.

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Sign up using our MXC Referral ID 13CYn on MXC exchange and become a part of a referral program. Earn up to 110% Rebate from all of your referrals trade for life and get a discount on your every trade.

Use of MXC Referral ID

Apply MXC Referral ID 13CYn in the signup form and be a part of 110% Referral commission program with lots of other signup benefits as a new user including 20% Trading Fees Discount. You can also use the link directly for signup.

MXC Referral ID13CYn
Code Commissionupto 80%
Discounted fee0.160%

Signup link

The normal Maker & Taker fee is 0.20% and after 20% discount, it will be reduced to just 0.160%.

MXC Referral Code for Apps

On IOS and Android, you will get a different option to enter where they will use Referral code, not referral id. In mobile MEXC Apps, MXC Referral Code is 13CYn for Signup.

Scan to download MXC APP
Scan to download MEXC APP

Referral Rebate proportion: It depends on referrer’s MX token position designated by the system at the time of discount. The specifics are as following: MX Position (x) in your account.

  1. If MX position ≤ 10,000 its 30% commission rebate
  2. 10,000<MX position≤100,000 its 40% commission rebate
  3. MX position≥100,000 its 50% commission rebate
  4. For Community partner (Application required), 50%-80%
MXC Referral code for mobile apps
MXC Referral code for mobile apps

MXC Referral ID offers upto 110% Commission on trades 2 mxc 2

Referral Rebate Rules

    1. The referee must be registered through your Referral Link or Referral Code. You will receive a commission once the referee makes a real-time trade. The specific commission is decided based on the referee’s orders.
    2. Commission Proportion: The proportion is related to your holding of MX token. Rules are the following:
      • 20% for an account holding less than 50,000 MXC
      • 40% for an account holding 50,000-500,000 MX
      • 50% for an account holding over 500,000 MX
      • 80% for MXC community partners (Note: Community partners are needed to get authenticated by MXC customer service)
    3. Commission Rules: Commission will be given to your account in USDT/ETH/BTC. You will get USDT as the commission if the referee trades in USDT, same rules for trades of ETH and BTC.
    4. Referral Commission Time: The next day following the referee trades.
    5. Formula for Commission= Real-time Trade Volume * Fee Proportion * Commission Proportion
    6. Validity: The referral fee commission keeps valid during the activity.

About MXC Exchange

MXC Exchange is a cryptocurrency exchange from china and headquartered in Singapore. We advise you the use exchange with caution because of their centralized behaviours. In terms of quality, this exchange is still good and secure. Its also listed in Coinmarketcap and ranked quite well.

They have their native token MXC where you can use that for payments to avail up to 50% discount on trading fees. Its Launched in April 2018, It holds CNY, VND, USD, GBP, EUR, AUD deposit, and CNY, VND withdrawal which makes it as a good option for the China, Vietnam, Europe, Indonesia, Africa and Australia but other countries can use it as well similar to Binance.

Code for other countries

MXC 邀请码 13CYn
MXC 邀請碼 13CYn
MXC 인증번호 13CYn
MXC 招待コード 13CYn
MXC Mã mời 13CYn
MXC Kode Undangan 13CYn

Use only these links for signup and check the domain name before entering your details.

List of official mxc domains
List of official MXC domains

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