FTX Referral code (Unlimited) 100% Discount 50% Bonus

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FTX Referral offer gives you 100% Discount on your all future trades on the exchange. Just use our FTX Referral code and avail this offer or you can use our referral link to claim this offer directly.

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FTX Referral code FREEFTX offers you 100% off and 50% commission on all future trades on the exchange. For signup use our FTX Referral code and avail of this offer or you can use our referral link to claim this offer directly.

How to use FTX Referral code?

Use the FTX Referral Code to sign up on FTX and get 5% off on trading fees under the New user Offer which will be automatically applied on the signup form. It will now be 100% free on makers-fee to provide on all FTX futures and spot markets and market makers can even earn a rebate!

FTX Referral CodeFREEFTX
  1. Signup using FTX Referral code/link
  2. Use our FTX referral link https://ftx.com/#a=freeday to claim the bonus directly.
  3. Enjoy a 5% discount and 40% commission forever on all of your cryptocurrency trades.

Use our referral link for Signup to get this offer applied 100%. You may not see referral code option sometimes.

FTX Referral code 5% Discount
FTX Referral code 5% Discount Applied

FTX Referral Cashback

Each user has a unique affiliate link. If a new user signs up with your referral code, you will receive 0 Maker Fees for the Rest of 2021, which means 100% off on a maker fee and 5% on all trades. You can calculate the discount by using the following basic fee structure.

FTX Trading Fee

FTX Referral code (Unlimited) 100% Discount 50% Bonus 1 FTX referral trading fee
FTX referral trading fee

Discount for FTT holders

All New FTX Users will get an instant 5% discount on trading fees as a sign-up bonus. Use our FTX referral program and earn up to 40% commission as per the above table from people who sign up through your FTX Referral Code.

If you hold an FTT token in your account you can enjoy more benefits.

FTX Referral Rewards (Staking)
FTX Referral Rewards (Staking)

FTT Staking

Staking FTT in your account gives exclusive benefits:

  1. Increased referral commission: referrers who stake FTT are paid a higher commission on the referees’ fees
  2. Maker fee rebates: stakes get maker fee discounts (in addition to the standard FTT fee discounts)
  3. Bonus votes: stakers get bonus votes in our polls (in addition to the standard number of votes, based on FTT held and trading volume)
  4. Increased airdrop coins: stakes get raised SRM airdrops (and possibly later other airdrops and yield)
  5. Waived blockchain charges: stakes get a number of free ERC20 and ETH withdrawals per day
ftx referral code discount
FTX referral code discount

FTX Referral program information

When users sign up with your affiliate link, you will receive 40.00% of their trading fees and they will receive a 5.00% fee discount on all their trades.

Invite your friends and enjoy the trade.

Rebates will be calculated and paid out at 00:05 (UTC) daily on the previous day’s trading and are granted based on volume from discounted fees. For more information, visit our help article.

FTX Exchange review

FTX is one of the highest liquidity exchanges in the business right now. FTX is also used by finance right now which is one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.

FTX is a cryptocurrency derivatives exchange formed by traders, for traders.  We strive to build a platform powerful enough for learned trading firms and intuitive enough for first-time users.

FTX Referral Offer

Now getting a 5% rebate on your trading fees is an opportunity to earn a profit by giving your FTX Referral Link to your families and friends to earn more.
You can now earn a 40% commission as a cashback on your referral trading fees by generating your own FTX Referral Link.

Creating a new FTX Referral Link

  1. Following Performing your registration as per the instruction.
  2. Now on the FTX platform, you will be signed in and your Email id will be noticed on the top right of this FTX homepage.
  3. Match your Id and select Referrals from the dropdown list
  4. Copy your FTX referral Code and participate in it with your friends.

FTX Pro App Referral code is Now Live on iOS and Android

New FTX Pro App available with referral offer now. FTX has just released a new and improved app for iPhone and Android! Use the FTX Pro referral code on the app for signup.

You can download it for android phones here.

The iPhone app is here.

ftx pro moble app referral code
Ftx pro mobile app referral code

FTX Trading Requirements

You just have to register with your email id and identification and then set up your 2FA under “Account Security”.
Your account limits depend on the level of verification you have used. For example, a normal registration using your Email Id and Password would only allow a lifetime withdrawal of $1000 USD.

Create Account:
Trading enabled
Unlimited crypto deposits
1000 USD lifetime withdrawals
Level 1 Identity Verification:
Between 2000 and 9000 USD daily withdrawals
FTT trading
Level 2 Identity Verification:
Unlimited crypto withdrawals
Level 3 Identity Verification:
Fiat deposits and withdrawals

Advantages of FTX Exchange

FTT is an FTX token and is an essential part of the FTX ecosystem. FTT is placed on advanced crypto exchanges such as Binance, BitMAX, Huobi, and Bittrex. FTX offers a lot of interest for FTT holders.
Holding FTT in your account can be beneficial as you will be eligible for a fee rebate ranging from 3% to 60%.

By FTX performing strongly in the market, we can see affection in the value of FTT in its price.

Currently, FTT is not open in the United States. But you can use Binance USA for that.

FTX coins have been separated from the Binance exchange because of the confusion they were creating for users. But you can still use those trading pairs in FTX Exchange for the same number of rewards and benefits.


What is FTX?

It’s a market that will help you in trading cryptocurrencies.

FTX Referral Code?

FTX Referral Code is FREEFTX

What is FTX (FTT) Token?

FTT is the token of the FTX exchange. You get low charges on your trading fee. You can use FTT as collateral for futures FTX, and this usually means that you will achieve your capital and exchange in it.

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